Imprint – Poetry

Imprint ~ Love, Sex & Poetry
By: Linda A. Long

In the light
Of your eyes
My soul
Radiates love
Into the Universe
To touch
Your heart
With the love
Of my words
Accented with
The tears
Of missing you
My closed
Broken heart opened
Because I loved you
In the beautiful
Blue light
Of your eyes
I stand
As the keeper
Of your flame
Creating alchemy
Out of the
Of our love
I am better
For loving you
I am not ready
I am not ready
To open my hand
To let you go
My heart
Is not ready
To forget the
Imprint you’ve
Made into
Depths of my
Blue from the
Color of your eyes
Blue from the
Sadness of
Possibly losing you
The intensity
Of my feelings
May overwhelm you
Maybe you
Haven’t been loved
As deeply as
I love you recently
Perhaps your heart
Hasn’t been open
Wide by
The love of woman
Who adores you
In long time
Maybe you just
Aren’t used to be loved
Rest assured
My love
Is still genuinely
Authentically yours
Lying in the
Glow of love
From your eyes
I am pure love
I am the essence
Of pure unconditional love
Reminding you
You are man
Loved by a woman
Will love survive
The tides of change
In our lives
Will the blue aura
Of love
Shine its blessings
On both of our hearts
Keeping us together
Only time will tell
What is to be
Our future
But one thing
You should know
For sure is
I want to be
Near you
I want to be
With you
I want to write
You poetry
And tell
Our story
Of love and sex
Creating imprints
Of our journey
Into history
Leaving our love story
To last forever
I want to weave
The story of
My desire
Into your heart
And nurture your soul
With the genteness
Of my love and
Relax your body
With the rhythm
Of my hips
Connected to yours
As I make love
To you
I want to imprint
My love
On your lips and
I write you poetry
As your soul food
Imprint your desire
Between my breasts
As you make love
To me
With the conviction
Of a man
Who has come
To me
To claim
The love he deserves
Imprint me
Into your soul
And I will
Live forever
In your heart

(C) 2017 Linda A. Long ~ All Rights Reserved

Love is best when lived passionately