The Flame Remains – Poetry

The Flame Remains – Love, Sex & Poetry
By: Linda A. Long

Does the
Fire of my love
Burn in
Your heart
And ignite
In your soul
Inspiring you
To create, grow
And awaken
To your true
Authentic self
Does the fire
Of my love
Stoke your soul
And feed
The flame of
Desires that
Lay in your heart
Restlessly reminding you
The fire
Your fire
Is in me
Has the fire
Of my love
Changed you
With its warmth
Has the passion
Of my desires
Inspired you
With its intensity
Of lust and wanting
Do my words and
Affections nurture
The warrior
Within you
With sexual fantasies
Reminding you
That you are man
A man who
Desires a woman
A man who
Loves a woman
Do you miss my
Hips and the way
They played their
Music just for you
As I passed you by
Do you miss
The warmth
Of my smile
And way I
Would lock
Eyes with yours
To remind you
Of my desires
For you
Are you different
Because your
Beautiful eyes
Locked with mine
In the silent moments
Only shared
By the two of us
Has our
Connection reminded you
You that love
Deep passionate love
Is within you
And around you
It is within me
And I am within
Your heart
Do my breasts
Call to you
A man
With passions
And desires
Calling to you body
Does your body
Feel me
When I am near
To you
Do you feel
My energy
When I am close
To you
Does it stimulate
You and invite you
To linger
In my sensuality
And join me
In a moment
Of sexual attraction
These are the questions
That have been
On my mind
Have I
In some way
Made your life
Did you grow
Because I loved you
Did I leave a mark
Of love and affection
In your soul
Will you miss me
I am still
Trying to
Figure out
What life looks
Like without you
I can’t imagine
What it will be like
To not write poetry
For you
It overwhelms
My heart to
Imagine myself
Not being connected
To you
In some way
As I work these
I know
That loving you
Was good for me
Loving you
Changed me
I grew because
I loved you
You inspired me
You challenged me
You stimulated me
You stoked my
Sexual fire
With your eyes
The spark between us
Will remain forever
Only to be reignited
Every time
We are
In the same room
I hope one day
Will we once again
Linger in each other’s
Energy and
Feed each other
With our flirtation desire
The flame between us
Will remain burning
Long after we
Part ways
As we move
Unsure of
How we will
In the future
I ask you
To think about
Did my love
Make you better
Did my love
Make you stronger
Will you miss me
If we are meant
To be in each other’s
Lives somehow
We will be brought
Back together
We will find
Each other again
For now
The flame burns
In the shadow
Of our love
(C) 2017 Linda A Long – All Rights Reserved

Life is best when lived passionately