Heart & Soul – Poetry

Blue Nude Art

Heart & Soul – Love, Sex And Poetry
By: Linda A. Long

You’ve been
On my mind
Lingering just
On the edge
Of my awareness
In the place
Where my
Heart meets
My soul
You make
My heart race
In the way
That makes
Me sweat a little
And blush
In the light
Of your eyes
As I become
Aware of the
Warmth rising
Through my body
Wetness grows
Between my legs
And I become
Erotically aware
That you
You make
My heart race
In the way
That I need to
Be close to your
Energy to source
My own divine
Feminine erotic inspiration
In your presence
I find myself
Having a hard
Time breathing
You still excite me
After all of this time
I am
In love with you
But I still have
A school girl
Crush on you
It’s quite sweet
And bit
At times
It says something
About the strength
Of our connection
After all of this time
I think it gives
Credence to the
Bond we’ve formed
Over these years
I still
Feel like a school
Girl with a crush
When I look at your
Salt and Pepper
With Crystal Blues
My heart
Is a teenager
Wild and free
Beating with lust
And passion
For you
You hover
In my thoughts
At the place
Where my heart
Meets my soul
Where the
Teenager meets
My mystic old soul
Who sees
With her
Third Eye
And loves
With Anahata passion
Rising from her
Heart Chakra
It’s from this place
The wild and free
Is ignited
With love and
Spiritual connection
It’s from this place
My intuition
Holds you in
My mind’s eye
And hears
You when your soul
Says my name
Calling to me
To meet you
In this place
Where our hearts
Meet ours souls
We are sewed
Into destiny
Into everything
That is good and pure
We are
Through the tapestry
Of joys and sorrows
Of the lifetimes
We’ve shared
In the past
It is when
When I look
Into your
Beautiful blue eyes
I see our
Past, present
And the possibilities
Of our future
As our souls
Are connected
Souls that are
Bonded like
Yours and mine
Are always entwinned
From this place
Where my
Heart meets
My soul
The wild and free
Teenager whose
Heart races
In excitement
When she sees you
Says she loves
And misses you
With the wisdom
And authenticity
Of her wise old soul
Reaching out
Intuitively to
The call of your
Your heart
She hears
In mind
I answer the call
I pray for you &
I nourish your soul
With these words
I write
From the place
Where my heart
Meets my soul
(C) 2018 Linda A. Long – All Rights Reserved

Life is best when lived passionately


I’ve heard that when you can’t get someone off your mind you should whisper a prayer for them; that’s how God works. He doesn’t work in grand gestures but in small acts of loving surrender. So I whispered a prayer and wrote this poem. My soul needs some Bluelove 💙💙💙🦋💋