Love Stories – Poetry

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Love Stories – Poetry
By: Linda A. Long

Lay next to me
Whisper in my ear
All the things
You feel
In your heart
But can’t say
With your words
Let me see
What’s hidden below
Your manly exterior
Perhaps even
Trust me
Trust me
Enough to
Hold your heart
In my hands
And carry your
Deepest desires
And secrets
As my own
In the most
Private part of
My soul
Trust me
Enough to
Let go
Of what you
Hold so tight
Let me inside
Your inner world
There’s so much
I have yet to
Discover about you
So much
I do not
Yet know
Of your joys
And sorrows
Dreams and hopes
Fears and doubts
Trust me
Enough to
Your experiences
With me
So that I
Truly understand
You as a man
As the man
My soul
Has known
For many lifetimes
Before this one
There is so
Much about you
I’ve yet to know
And so much
About you
Wish to understand
Lay next to me
And tell me
Your story
As I look
Deeply into your
Beautiful blue eyes
It is
In those moments
When my eyes
Meet yours
That see
The comfort
Of a kindred spirit
Who has held
My hand many
Years before today
You were my friend
You could have been
My sibling
You may have
Been my lover before
Our eyes
Knew each other
In this moment
You and I
Were together
Before but
It’s in this lifetime
I truly want to
Know you
I truly
Want to understand you
It’s in this lifetime
I truly want
To complete our connection
Lay next to me
And tell me
What brings
Your heart joy
What gets your excited
What is
Your biggest fear
What does happiness
Unadulterated happiness
Look like to you
As our journey
Together continues
This is the time
I am ready
I am ready
To know you
Beyond the surface
Deeper than skin
Lay next to me
Peel back the layers
Of your soul for
Only my eyes to see
My heart to love
Let me
Love you enough
For you to
Relax your guard
Just enough
To let love
My love
In the crack
And show you
A love without
Expectation or condition
Lay next to me
And show me
Your soul
I promise
I will keep
Your secrets
And honor
Your story
Lay next to me
My love
My soul
Needs to hear
Your story
And my heart
Needs to
Love you
Love you enough
That you
Trust me
Not to hurt you
(C) 2018 Linda A Long – All Rights Reserved

NOTE: I am giving some thought to changing the name of this blog. While I love “Love, Sex & Poetry”, I think some people think because sex is in the title that it is a pornography blog. While I do sometimes write erotica, this is NOT a pornography blog. One of the other reasons I want to change the name is to give me some more freedom to post essays on things other than love, sex or poetry. While I don’t want to post my journal entries, I do want to post essays on health, spirituality, growth, wellness, life coaching, etc…

I am not interested in maintaining two blogs… so, I want to use this blog to host everything I write. It will also give me a place to share information related to my health coaching business. While school gives me a free website for year, I am waiting until after I graduate in May to design it and launch it. I don’t have the time to focus on that right now. I am starting a new job next Monday. I am pretty excited about it and I am looking forward to freeing up space to learn more about it. I am also committed to ensuring I grow in that role so I can make it a permanent gig 🙂 I will need time and space to grow into it. So, I only want one personal blog for now while I focus on my career development and fulfillment.

If I do change the name, I will be sure to give notice and post the new name before hand so folks can change their bookmarks. While the number of my followers with WordPress accounts is under 90, I do get a lot traffic and hits to my site everyday from other sources. It can vary day to day- but yesterday it was 141 and today it is only 25 so far. I will post the new name before changing it so, hopefully, I don’t lose people who actually like to read it 🙂