Blog Name Change to Writing Holistically

Blue Butterfly Art

As you may have noticed, I changed the name of this blog and the URL. I felt the name of Love, Sex & Poetry was too limiting. I also changed the name because I like to write about all aspects of life not just poetry.

I chose the name “Writing Holistically” because holistic by definition means to view something as a whole and to see how things are inter-connected. I plan to write essays and poetry on this blog about the connections between the mind, body and spirit and how they are related to physical wellness.

I will continue to write about love in poetry and essays. Love, Vitamin L, is the thread of wellness that provides nourishment to us spiritually and also sustains us through hard times. I hope to encourage people to move outside of comfort zone and instead of loading up on supplements for wellness load up on VITAMIN L, that’s Vitamin LOVE💙💙.

I plan to write more about my holistic lifestyle and share information I am learning while in the Institute of Integrative Nutrition. I am already certified to see clients as an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach but I do not graduate until May 2018. My health coaching business is Highest Good Holistic Health Coaching, LLC. I will not be launching the website for my business until after I graduate in May 2018 but I wanted to start sharing information now. I chose Highest Good as the name for my business because I feel that everyone’s highest good is different and I hope to help the folks in my life find their highest good.

Some housekeeping notes:

Love, Sex & Poetry – Love, Sex & Poetry will still remain the name of my poetry collection. Poetry posted on this site will be tagged a part of that collection. I am maintaining ownership of and it is being redirected to “Writing Holistically”. Interesting, I was told that domain name could be sold for almost $1000. At this time, I am not interested in selling. I consider part of the Love, Sex & Poetry collection to be a “Bluelove” collection as I’ve been inspired to write those poems by a man who has beautiful blue eyes and I call him “Bluelove” 💙 I am looking into how to preserve this poetry collection beyond my lifetime. Websites need to be maintained and cost money. That is fine while I am alive to do that but what’s happens when I am not here? Are they all just lost in cyberspace? I am exploring publishing a coffee table book of poetry and art of the Bluelove collection to at least preserve those poems in another format. More to come on that project in the future.

Twitter & Instagram Feeds Sidebar: All of the new WordPress Themes are coded to be “Mobile Friendly” which means they automatically convert the sites to a format that loads quickly and easily on mobile phones. Unfortunately, that means a two column website like mine which has a right sidebar becomes one column on a mobile phone. Therefore, everything in my right sidebar drops down below my five most recent blog posts. It’s still on the site in mobile view, it’s just at the bottom of page. To fix this I tried adding custom CSS code to change the mobile view column sizes so they were proportional rather than fixed; that did not work. WordPress Engineers told me another theme may display two columns on mobile phones. I will play with that in coming days. I’ve done enough today. For now, here are your options to see my Twitter & Instagram Feeds:

1. When you are on your mobile phone and want to see my Twitter and Instagram Feed, just scroll down below my last five posts. All of my Tweets are there 🙂 You won’t miss anything, I promise 🙂

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I am really excited about this change and look forward to bringing you all more diverse content about living your highest good life.

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