I Create Art & Poetry

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I Create Art & Poetry
By: Linda A Long

I am
A creator
I create
I create
Feelings through
My words
Illusions through
My brush
I create
I am
A creator
My life
Through intentional
Strategic choices
I take risks
I am a
Risk taker
I am
A creator
I move
With the flow
That runs
Through me
Of words
And color
I rise
With the challenges
Laid before me
To stretch
And open
To a way
Of being
A new way
Of living
I rise
To the new
Life I created
With my
Intentional thoughts
I am
A creator
I manifest
With the flow
Of universal energies
And ride
The wave
Of higher consciousness
I am
A creator
I create
My life
I am
A creator

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This the last day of my four day weekend. My biweekly day off at work got switched to Fridays so I ended up with a four day weekend. I was pretty busy Friday and Saturday. I started slowing down a bit yesterday. Today I am focusing on relaxing and taking care of my mind,body and spirit.

I started the day with breakfast a the local cafe. A friend was working so I ate at the counter and chatted with her. I then walked three miles and got my food and clothes ready for work tomorrow. Then I did a short yoga and meditation practice followed by painting with watercolors. Painting with watercolors is new to me. I’ve only been doing it for about a year or so. I do it freehand. I could probably use a class or two to learn some techniques. I did the below watercolor today. I would not say this one is frame-able but the lips in the heart does tell a story about speaking from the heart.

After the art was done, I wrote the above poem. I believe I create my life with my thoughts and through prudent courageous actions. I also enjoying creating art and poetry. It feeds my soul. I’ll probably end my day by watching a movie.

How did you feed your soul today?

Doing things that nourish your spirit can help improve your holistic wellness and even improve your health.

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