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I feel like I need to write about my day today. My head feels like it’s going to explode with new knowledge. I am writing about this today not as a journal entry but as an exploration of growth. I am growing. From a Integrative Nutrition Health Coaching standpoint, the type of growth I am experiencing crosses between the career and spiritual aspects of my life.

Yes, it was a new career opportunity that pushed me to leave the comfort zone but I did it because the opportunity spoke to my soul. It felt almost like a “calling”. I go where I am called.

My whole day today was turned upside down in work today but it worked out perfectly. I was having a hard time focusing this morning. I didn’t sleep well. I drew out my thoughts on my white board which helped clear space and gave me a plan for the day. By 8am found out my meeting with my Program’s Sponsor was postponed because she couldn’t leave DC. My morning was freed up👍

I decided to focus on Outreach but I was having a hard time drafting the email. I put it down & went to a meeting. When I came back the words flowed. I clicked send. Guess what? Within two minutes a Professor I emailed wrote me back. YAY 😀 They are interesting in collaborating and he wants to send students from his school to attend our STEM event in May. OMG! YAY 😁 That one little exchange gave me a tremendous amount of encouragement, hope and inspiration. Then I knew what to do next. I made my outreach list and will contact some each day 👍I had to struggle through the first contact to figure out how to move forward with the rest.

My afternoon opened up by a cancelled meeting so a coworker took me on a tour of the Aviation Structure and propulsion’s research areas😂 I learned propulsion means thrust; it’s energy😉😂😂 The goal of the tour was to learn the research requirements and what college majors/degrees would be best for our internships. Then I’ll target MSI schools with those capabilities. It was a success and interesting. My brain is full of words and concepts I don’t understand but I am also full of hope and inspiration. This is my third week in this new job and I feel like I started making progress!

Someone actually asked me today if I would be going back to my home organizing after this temp assignment is over😂😂 I laughed. I’ve only been in this job for like a minute. Give me some time, would ya? 😂I have almost a whole year to go. I have no idea what I’m going to do. All I know is I’m doing this NOW and I like it for NOW👍However, I have decided to keep an open mind and not plan to stay or plan to go. I am just going with the flow right now. I am working my best for the organization I am currently working in, learning a lot, stretching my skills and GROWING👍When the time comes, I will once again and go wherever my soul calls me. That may be my home org, it could be where I am now or it may be somewhere completely new. I am open to whatever the Universe has to offer me and manifests for me. I am open to anything. I will let the Universe lead my way.

The last couple of weeks I’ve been voting every day for a young woman who is pursuing a dream and who also wants to grow. I gave a donation the first time I voted which pushed her into first place. I see now she is in second place today and there is only 27 hours left to vote. I decided I am going to wait until last minute to vote tomorrow night. If she is still in 2nd place, I’ll buy her some additional votes and make an ANONYMOUS donation to Be Positive hoping to push her into First Place again just before the voting closes. I am strategically going to buy the additional votes right before voting closes so her competition does not get a chance to see it and can’t buy more. Well, that’s the strategy anyway. I am doing it because I like to support people who pursue their dreams and and also want to grow. Hopefully, my strategy works and she ends up in first place at midnight. I’ll buy the votes/donation – if she needs it – ANONYMOUSLY as to not draw any attention to myself 😉 I probably should have done that the first time.

My only bummer this week is that I went to the Dentist for a cleaning and found out I have an infected pocket under a tooth. The good news is no root canal but they did inject an antibotic under the tooth that will stay there ten days 🙄 It’s making nauseous 😦

Lastly, I’ve been seeing 222 and 2222 EVERYWHERE for four days now. I think my angels and guides are trying to tell me to chill the F OUT, have a little faith and patience. Everything is working out just fine 😇

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