Have You Mapped Your Mind Today?

Mind Mapping Outreach Plan

Have you tried Mind Mapping?

A Mind Map is a diagram you draw that connects your thoughts around a central idea. I learned about Mind Mapping in my Health Coach Training. I am a visual person;I find it to be a very effective tool when I am stuck on something or can’t figure something out. It also helps me think through things in a non-linear way. I then connect the dots afterwards.

The Mind Map I did today was a for an Outreach Plan I am developing for work. My brain was full of so much information and running in so many directions that I just could not get myself clear on what to do for the flow of my Outreach Plan. So, I started drawing. The photo on this post is my Mind Map from today and it is the third version of this map. The first two versions were more detailed and had proprietarily (work related) information on them. The photo on this post is a generalized stripped down version just to use as an example. While some folks get very creative and colorful with their Mind Maps, simple is ok too. You can see it helped me figure out the flow and I was able to map out my action steps by doing it.

Some folks get really creative with their Mind Maps. I do like to use color and images sometimes too but as I said, simple is ok too. If you never tried it, give it a shot. You can do it on a white board but I prefer in a notebook so I can get creative and keep it personal. I also do mine in notebooks so I can keep them with the rest of my project work. The below images give detailed information on how to Mind Map and here’s a link for your reference.


Mind Map

Mind Mapping

Mind Mapping is one technique you can use to manage you Holistic Wellness. Get creative – free up your brain with a Mind Map.

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