Break Me Free – Blue Love Poetry

Jack Vettriano – 1951

Jack Vettriano – 1951

Break Me Free – Love, Sex & Poetry
By: Linda A. Long

Restless passions
Stir deeply
Like wine
Growing in intensity
With the passage of time
Deep rich flavors
Of desire
Heighten the senses
As these days have passed
Between us into weeks
And the weeks blended into months
Yet our
Desire deepens instead of fades
Cautious at first
Of this new spark
Uncertain of the path
It would take
Not knowing if
The pulse would slow
With the passage of time
Instead it sharpened
And has come into
Clearer view
Seeing it
Become more
Resisting it less
This passion
Presses against my chest
I feel it call
From deep within
It tries
To break free
Needing to wrap my arms
Around your neck
And pull your lips to mine
Comes in the release
Of this desire
That I have imprisoned
It calls to you
Break me free
Break me free
Into your arms
Onto your lips
Break me free
Resistance is futile
I am drawn
Into your eyes
Break me free
This passion that breathes
Your name
Calls to you
Take hold of me
And break me free
Break this passion free
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Jack Vettriano – 1951

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