Pivot – A Self Love Poem

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Pivot – A Self Love Poem
By: Linda A. Long

Where I am go
I ask myself
In the quiet
Moments of
My body slowing down
I reflect
Where I’ve been
A planner
A goal setter
A doer
I chart a course and
Move forward

The alarm sounded
In my head
This doesn’t
Feel right
Pull back

I heard
Whispered in my ear
But I kept
Moving forward
I set a goal
I achieve goals
I’m an achiever

My higher self
Gave me the
I wouldn’t take myself
My higher self
Gave me the
Opportunity to
Slow down
Long enough
To see it
To feel it
To know

It’s time
To let go of
What no longer
Serves my
Soul’s purpose
It’s time
Return to
It’s time
To return to
To honoring
Who I am

I am a giver
I am a caring
Compassionate friend
I am an intuitive healer
I am a poet
I am writer
But most importantly
I am a lover

My soul’s purpose
Is to love
And help others
My soul’s purpose
Is to
Love unconditionally
I serve
And give
From my heart

As I stepped away
From my life
The last few weeks
I can see
And feel
The path
I’ve been exploring
In the
Last year
Isn’t in alignment
With the truth
Of who I am
While it has been
Beneficial and enjoyable
It’s time
To let go
And return
To my soul’s
True path
It’s time
To pivot
Back to a
Soul based
And let go
Of what
No longer feels
In alignment
With the truth
Of who I am

Seeing the truth
I am choosing to
Pivot back
To loving myself
To live

I pivot
I love myself
Enough to honor
The truth of
Who I am
In slowing Down
I saw the truth
I choose
I pivot

It’s Poetry Friday 💙 I writing today’s post while enjoying a beautiful day in South Jersey. I am sitting outside at the local Starbucks with my iPad Pro and Iced Cinnamon Coconut Milk Macchiato. I have two weeks left of lectures for school. I came here to get out of the house while doing my school work. I also needed to get out of the house because I’ve been a little depressed.

Today’s poem surfaced after having some time to step back and reflect on my life. Many of you know I’ve been in school to be Integrative Nutrition Health Coach and I graduate in May. The last year has been life changing for me. I originally enrolled in the course because I was having reoccurring flare ups of an Autoimmune Disease and I didn’t know how to manage it holistically.

The last year I’ve gained the knowledge and skills to take care of myself. While I am in a small autoimmune flare up right now as a reaction to a foot injury, I was able recognize the signs earlier and take the necessary steps to mitigate the damage. I can already feel the flare up calming down because I took quick action by requesting to telework this week, resting, taking the right supplements and surrendering to what is. I credit my education in holistic wellness with equipping me with the awareness and knowledge to know how to take better care of myself now. Also, I changed jobs as a result of being in this course and reflecting on fulfillment in my life. I’m enjoying the new gig. However, I’m not attached to it. Whatever happens, happens.

Something happened while I was in school this year. I got caught up in my ego’s momentum of owning my own business, having clients and a health coach website. I went down the rabbit hole with my classmates. Here are the problems with that…I have a good full time job that I don’t hate; I’m not leaving it! It’s a good living that affords me a nice lifestyle in a beautiful location. Having my own business and having paying clients means I have no time to volunteer at the Homeless Shelter. My soul misses it. I miss those beautiful people. I need to get back to that. Writing has become a chore; a business task. I’ve lost my passion for it. I’ve spent all of my time on a computer the last year instead of with the people I love. Not all bad. I got something good out of it but it’s time to have a social life again. Also happening this year, my closest friend is dying from Cancer. I am raw with emotions over this. I could swim in tears if think about it too much. My Blue Eyed poetic Inspiration is not in my experience as much as I would like him to be. I miss him more than he probably realizes. I also haven’t seen friends and family very much in the last year. It’s clear I’ve been disconnected from my spirit and my heart.

Pivot…I think that was my Spirit Guide talking to me. It’s time to pivot back to my authentic self and return to honoring the truth of who I am. Here’s my plan for the summer:

Building a Health Coaching business is on hold.

I’m going to volunteer my health coaching services to the homeless shelter a few hours a month. I was told to contact them once I graduate. No better way than to use my education to help folks who can’t afford to pay for health coaching services.

I am returning to writing essays and poetry for enjoyment. This blog is my passion. It’s my place to write for enjoyment and I’ve reclaimed it for that purpose. Since I am also a Health Coach, I will keep information about Integrative Nutriton and Health Coaching on it. I will be writing creatively. I will be posting erotica and love poems.I will doing writing challenges again. I will write about mind, body and spirit for my own holistic wellness.

I will be sitting on the beach more this summer. I’m going shopping for a new suit 🙂

I will be spending more time with my family; especially my mom. I enjoy her company.

I will be spending more time with friends.

I will give myself space to grieve for my beautiful friend when the time comes.

I will hopefully see Bluelove more 💋🤞I really do miss him.

Lastly, I will continue to do my best in work. I’m enjoying my current job but I don’t want to be attached to any outcomes. I do kind of miss being in a support role. Hmm. If only I could be in a role that is part Program Manager and part support role —- like a “Senior Advisor” to an executive😊😊 That would be the perfect job for me! Universe, What do you think of that idea?

Well, that’s the plan for the summer… For now, I still need to rest so I can heal my foot and calm my Autoimmune flare up down. I do truly believe my higher self knew I was out of alignment and wanted to get me back on track. It sprained my ankle with Chip Fracture to slow me down 😉

Thank you higher self. I owe you one! 💙🦋

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