Self Care Sunday – What’s Next

What’s Next

What’s Next? Is a question I often ask myself. I am planner and strategic thinker. I am always looking ahead. This Self Care Sunday I am focusing on the career aspect of my holistic wellness and looking forward to what’s next.

I left work at 4:00pm on December 21st believing I would be out of the office until January 2nd on vacation. I ended up being out of the office for an unexpected 35 day government shutdown. January was a month filled with stress, anxiety and depression. Over one million people including government employees and contractors as well as companies that do business with government were negatively impacted by this ugly shutdown. January 2019 will be a month that won’t soon be forgotten and it will take time to assess the long term impact it had on my workplace.

I spent all of 2018 working in a role doing outreach for my employer to higher education institutions. January was supposed to be my last month in the role. My official last day in this role is this coming Friday. We lost my whole last month. I am going back on Monday not sure what we are going do. My boss said he would reach out and see if he can extend my assignment so we can have some time to assess things the way we were planning to do in January.

It’s funny. Before the shutdown, I knew exactly where I wanted to end up. I knew I want to stay in the group I am working with now. Something happened while I’ve been out of work the last five weeks. I started thinking about my old group and the work they do. I started wondering if maybe my talents and skills could be put to use there. I started wondering if there was some way we could work things out. Maybe I could do work I enjoy as well as do work they need. I started wondering if going back there would be for my highest good… I did not see this coming…😂 Yet, for some reason, I am very excited to be totally clueless about my future 😂

Go with the flow

If you read my blog regularly, you probably know by now I do not base my career decisions on money. Money may be part of the negotiation but it is not the deciding factor. Extra money doesn’t buy satisfaction, fulfillment or happiness for me. I seem to flourish and enjoy myself the most in roles where I am directly helping someone, impacting someone’s life for the better. I also like strategic work. I like planning and project/program management. I like being out and about; doing stakeholder engagement. I like working with all levels of leadership and I like having freedom. I guess that’s why I’ve been very successful in my current role. I’ve been giving a lot of freedom and have been able to use all the skills/tools in my box with the freedom I enjoy. But the reality is if I really screwed up in this role, the impact would have been minimal. They could afford to give me freedom. In an operations organization, things need to be more conservative because the impact of screwing up could be huge and far reaching. The reigns need to be a little tighter in an operations based organization.

I can’t honestly say I know what I want to do. I can’t honestly say I have a plan in mind. Not having a plan is completely out of character for me. As I said, I am planner and a strategist. I always have a plan. I am always thinking three moves ahead. As I was thinking about this morning and praying on it, I kept feeling…JUST GO WITH THE FLOW… I know it sounds strange to say to I felt…JUST GO WITH THE FLOW…but for me intuition, intuitive wisdom comes as a feeling rather than something I hear. A thought comes to my mind and it feels intuitively good and right. While asking Angles and Guides for guidance today, the words…JUST GO WITH THE FLOW…kept playing on a loop in my mind and it feels right.

Go with the flow

I am going to the flow. I will return to work on Monday without a plan. I will not lobby for one job or another. I will allow the Universe to direct me. I will have faith everything is always working out for my highest good and I will trust my intuition to guide me to the right path. The nice thing about this approach is that I feel very OPEN. I feel open to all opportunities that may manifest for my highest good and also feels good to my intuition. I also feel I am prepared to seize the right opportunity. I feel at peace with this approach. It feels good to let go of directing, controlling and planning. Maybe I’ll stay where I am and pursue a new role with them as they talked to me about in early December. Maybe I’ll go back to a new role in my old group or perhaps God will throw a curve ball and send a whole new opportunity my way. What I know for sure is the official end date in my current role is Friday, February 2nd. I also know any opportunity I accept has to allow me to help others in some way and allow room for growth. That’s all I know.

Opportunities quote

The action for this week is reflect on what’s going on in your life. Ask yourself the following questions:

✔️ Can I let go?
✔️ Is there something I am trying too hard to control?
✔️ Am I holding on too tightly to a belief, a person or a job?
✔️ Am I trying too hard to hold it all together?
✔️ Can I let go?
✔️ Can I go with the flow?

As Always – I will be including the Loving Kindness Prayer on every post going forward because I believe love can and will triump over evil. Light will prevail over darkness. I believe we need to put LOVE into the Universe. Love each other…

Remember to put a little love in the world by saying the Loving Kindness Prayer for someone special. I often like to say it for special people in my life as well for groups such as my family, friends, coworkers and all beings.

Loving Kindness Prayer💙
May you be safe
May you be healthy
May you be happy
May you be loved

I claim love as my vibration for 2019.

Everything is always working out for my highest good 💙🦋

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