Self Care Sunday – Equanimity


This Self Care Sunday I’ve taken a step back to evaluate why I have been feeling extremely fatigued in recent weeks. This brought me straight to a lesson about Equanimity.

Equanimity is defined as being calm and even tempered. Spiritually it translates into having both mental calmness and clarity and being able to find happiness regardless of circumstance or situation.


I’ve surrendered to my body’s need for rest. I’ve been extremely fatigued lately. It seems like when I am not working, I am resting and sleeping 😴 😂It’s getting old! 😂I’ve always needed a lot of sleep but I am feeling a bit more fatigued than usual in recent weeks.

Well, one reason I am feeling fatigue is due to stress. I’ve been in a stressful situation at work. I’ve been caught in the middle of office politics. While I was handling this pretty good for a few weeks, it has gone on too long. The professional limbo and uncertainty is causing me nothing but anxiety now. It’s making me tired 😴

Another reason I am so exhausted lately is age related. My body is in transition. I haven’t come out the other side of Menopause yet so I am on the hormonal roller coaster. I will be turning 52 on Thursday and I am starting to feel 52 in some ways. I’ve always needed more rest than others so I am trying to be patient and surrender as my body tries to find homeostasis. To be on the safe side, I made all of my annual doctor appointments for the next month just to double check my blood work. However, I am betting it is just stress and the dreaded “change” wearing me out 😴😂

When I left work on Thursday, I felt like a head cold was trying to get a hold on me and on Friday morning I hurt my arm while doing lateral extensions with dumbbells. (OUCH)🤬 This means my body needs me to slow down to heal. I’ve been focusing on getting extra rest and sleep to kill of the impending head cold while I’ve been icing my shoulder. Perhaps it’s ok for me to sleep all day today😴I am not depressed or unhappy just tired and sore and binge watching “Veep” because it’s light and funny 😆 At this moment, equanimity begins with me maintaining a calm mind to help my body release and heal.


Truthfully, I am in such a state of surrender to my body’s need for rest and sleep, I would cancel all of my plans and stay home If I felt like that was the best thing for me to do. It really doesn’t matter. I am not attached one way or another. I just want to do what is best for my body. Actually, this is a great place to be. This is called Equamitity and I’ve spent my entire adult life hoping to achieve this awareness.



Can you reflect on Equanimity? Perhaps google it and read up on it a bit. Perhaps see where in your life you can embrace it and embody it? Can you practice non-attachment and find peace regardless of the situations or outcomes?

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Everything is always working out for my highest good 💙🦋

Loving Kindness Prayer💙
May you be safe
May you be healthy
May you be happy
May you be loved

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