Self Care Sunday – Destination Happiness

This Self Care Sunday and I am reflecting on where I find happiness.

Folks often ask me why don’t I travel and see the world more. My favorite comment is that happiness is not a destination for me. Vacations are escapes. Folks go away to escape reality. For me, I’d rather make my reality a place I don’t have to escape. I prefer to have peace and happiness right where I am.

I can appreciate exploring new places. I always love going to Washington, DC for work or going to New York for a weekend to wander around the city. However, the reality is I don’t always travel well. Four days seems to be my max. I also don’t have a travel companion right now. Perhaps if I was traveling with someone I would enjoy staying longer. Friends ask me to go on trips but the reality is most are going on “drinking” trips which isn’t how I roll anymore. I prefer to roam around a city, any city, all day until I am exhausted. Have a deliciously expensive meal at the bar with maybe one glass of deliciously expensive red wine and then be comfy in my hotel room by 9pm for an early start the next day. I haven’t found anyone who wants to travel that way.

I don’t spend a lot of money on big vacations so I made a decision a few years ago to move to a beach front condo in a high rise. I wanted to see the ocean everyday. I wanted to feel like I was on vacation at the beach everyday. I still love it. I still love the view. Who would want to escape this view?


While I’ve been reevaluating most of my life lately, I made a few decisions about how I am moving forward and what I am choosing to spend my money on.

I do not choose to spend my money on fancy vacations, jewelry or a big home. Long weekend trips, funky handmade bohemian jewelry and a condo in a high rise is all I need. Happiness isn’t a destination. It’s traveling lite through life without having a lot of baggage, stuff or expenses weighing me down.

I had a conversation with my Chiropractor about my hip rotating. Part of my hip issue is that I am an under-pronator. I have high arches and land on the outside of my foot. That’s a problem if you aren’t checking your shoes. It throws off your whole alignment. After checking all of my shoes, I threw out 12 pairs of shoes which were worn out. I was walking on a slant didn’t realize it until I invested in new shoes with cushion and support. Of course, I need to be fashionable and I am not completely giving up high heels but I will be more mindful on the type of shoe I select now. I am totally ok with buying $100 shoes if my hip doesn’t hurt everyday. It’s important for me to feel good everyday because I want to remain active for the rest of my life. I like walking 10,000 steps everyday. I want to feel good. Honestly, the new shoes and new style of sneakers already feel better. Most of my new shoes are now Clarks Brand but they have to be stylish while also offering support to my feet. Money well spent. It makes me happy. Happy isn’t is a destination. It’s feeling good and being pain free.

TIP: You can determine what type of foot you have by doing a quick wet test on your foot. Wet your foot and step down on the a piece of paper. Compare it to the middle foot patterns on the image below. Mine looks like the first one, Undepronation. My shoes get really worn out on back of the heel which pushes my hip and back out of alignment. Look for shoes (especially sneakers and casual shoes) that support your foot style.

I started using a local Gluten Free Food prep company recently, I order three or four meals from them each week. I use them for dinners. I usually order the Keto meals which are higher in protein. I LOVE IT! I am eating better. It’s great having dinner ready to go for those nights. It’s worth every penny. I also buy my Green Juice; I drink it every day! And, I go through Dunkin Donuts Drive-thru every work morning for my regular order – Extra large, hot, half Dark Roast, Half Decaf and Cream(Half and Half). Happiness isn’t a destination is choosing to eat clean and begin my work day with Dunkin Donuts. Remember – Friends don’t let friends drink Starbucks! ☕️

Dunkin Donuts

I am in my second week of Intermitten Fasting. It only took a few days for me adjust to 14 hours between Dinner and Breakfast. I still drink my coffee towards the end of the fast but I do wait the full 14 hours before eating. My stomach feels good. I noticed I am not as hungry, bloated or have acid reflux as often. I am not sure I will ever get up to 16 hours of fasting three nights per week but it’s my goal. Dr. Axe is always a good source for holistic health advice. If you ever need to look something up, I recommend googling Dr. Axe for his tips on just about anything…

Dr. Axe, Intermittent Fasting

So often folks get caught up in the destination trap. They put their happiness into the future; attach it to an event or a relationship. Instead having the courage to let go and make changes in their life. Instead they choose to suffer through days, weeks and months and escape reality for a week of vacation. Reality is still waiting for you when you return home… How about qualifing or quantifing happiness differently? Can you rearrange your life so you don’t have to escape to find happiness? Can your destination be a journey within instead of an external escape?


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