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Something unexpected happened this week. I received an email from the Institute Of Integrative Nutrition. Since I paid my tuition for my Holistic Health Coaching Course in full before school began in May 2017, they gave me a FREE six month Book Writing course($999 value) as a bonus. I had one year from my graduation date in May 2018 to enroll. I forgot about it; they emailed me to let me know my last shot to enroll in the free course is the class starting on June 3rd.

There was only one problem with this. I wasn’t really planning on going back to school for a while… My initial reaction to the email was hesitation. Do I really want to sign up for a six month course which means 5 to 10 hours a week for homework and writing. Really? Now? God damn Universe…I was kind of enjoying being lazy 😂

After thinking about it, I would feel bad not taking advantage of the opportunity and wasting the free course worth $999. The truth is I have been itching for some spiritual/intellectual stimulation and looking for a new hobby. I jumped in 😂 I enrolled in the June 3rd course. Any time you get something worth $999 for free, it’s time for the Happy Dance!

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With careful deliberation, I am approaching this course differently than I approached my studies in the past. I will not put myself under any pressure with this course because it is for personal enrichment only. Which means it’s a hobby and I can relax with it. I am lowering my expectations of myself in it too. I’ll be happy if I at least learn how to write the book and come out with an outline for a book. That’s all I want from it. I will also be happy if I start having discipline to intentionally set aside time for writing each week. I usually freestyle my writing; focusing on being more disciplined with writing will be a challenge for me… Lastly, the truth is I don’t really care if I finish this course. If it gets to be too much, I’ll just take a slower pace. I will still have access to the course information for two years after the six months is over. All I have to do really is download the information each week and save it as reference for when I am ready to dive in. Yep, I’ve changed and this time I am not stressing about it.

The funny thing is I was toying with the idea of writing a book. I even have a topic I am interested in writing about. It is kind of interesting the opportunity to take a free book writing course manifested now. The Universe is absolutely amazing. I am a powerful creator 😇✨The two topics I enjoy reading about the most are holistic approaches to wellness and executive leadership. Without giving too much away about my premise, I plan to write a book merging both topics. – holistic wellness with executive leadership or holistic leadership. I have plenty of reference materials plus my education. I also work with many leaders, coaches and managers. I can talk to them “unofficially/confidentially” and perhaps pick their brains without quoting them or using privileged information. I hope to, at least, get some feedback and advice. I would actually love for my former Group Manager to be a writing partner but I don’t know if he would/could do something like that🙏If not, I definitely hope he can at least be a confidential advisor since he’s shaped much of my experience. I kind of grew up working for him. I think he’s the bees knees and I don’t care if he knows it 😊😂✌️😘

So, I jumped into a six month writing course that starts June 3rd and it looks like I will be writing a book on holistic leadership… That feels like the deep end of the pool. I hope to hell I can swim. With working a full time job, I have a feeling the below meme could end up as my experience most days but I will hope for the best. I hope once I get rolling and with having the structure of the course, I will be better with procrastination.

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I also jumped in at work. It’s more like jumping into a dumpster fire there rather than the deep end of the pool 🔥🔥😂I started a new job a month ago. I have enough knowledge and experience that I was able to jump right into the mix. It took me a little time to understand the shorthand this new team uses but I know enough that I am not struggling too much. A few people weren’t really happy about me being added to the team. They didn’t understand my role. They seemed to feel threatened. I’ve been working very hard to clarify that I am not a threat to anyone. I am there to help bring discipline and strategy to their planning and processes. I am there to put structure around them to make things work a little better. I am there to help them understand and utilize the contract more efficiently. Leadership hasn’t been great at communicating that to the team so I’ve had to do it myself and now folks are more receptive. Yep, jumping right into a dumpster fire.

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Unfortunately, I am observing that there are fundamental inequities in the team’s understanding of their requirements versus what is actually in our contract. My observation was validated by another contracts specialist. Hyper-reactivity to the daily fires means the team has been pushing for quick turn around times on contracting issues which isn’t always the most advantageous for us in the long run. Quick fixes are sometimes needed in the work we do but then you need to have the discipline to wrap back around and look to see if you broke something in long run. A quick fix could water-down what was already in affect contractually if we aren’t careful with the wording and execution. Thankfully, a leader recognized my concern as valid and helped me form a workgroup to evaluate at least one problem they’ve been having. We need to understand if there are truly gaps or are we just not enforcing properly. They are all onboard now and this could be my first win with the team. Yep, I jumped right into the fire with them. Hope my perspective helps the team be more efficient.

What I am hoping to demonstrate in this post is what I am mean about holistic leadership. Take me for example, I took the time to work on my holistic health. Feeding the body, mind and spirit every day is essential to holistic wellness for all beings. As for myself, I’ve learned how to create and enforce boundaries. I need to learn and grow for fulfillment. I know I need to enjoy my work. I take time to replenish my body, mind and spirit daily. This makes me a better more productive employee. It also gives me confidence to assert myself respectfully and it helps me challenge others to meet me on my level. I used holistic methods to coach myself to be a better leader but imagine using these and other holistic wellness approaches with your staff…That’s holistic leadership. I can’t wait to explore this topic in a book. Someone may have already wrote about this but they won’t have my unique flavor or perspective 😊

Below my latest professional development read. It’s about creating workplaces where employees feel safe to express themselves and are empowered to be innovative without fear. I heard about it on Twitter from leadership author, Mark Crowley – I haven’t started it yet. It just arrived yesterday. I’ve had a bit of a migraine from allergies and haven’t been able to read much the last couple of days. If you are interested in reading this book, you can order it on Amazon either in Kindle or hardcover. I am building up a reference library for the book so I can use quotes.

The Fearless Organization

Let me ask you – Are you willing to jump into the unknown having no clue where it will take you? If not, perhaps explore what’s holding you back. Fear of failure held me back for a long time but not any longer. Failure is just another method of learning. Failure is only a problem if you don’t learn from it. For me, the excitement and adventure of jumping into something is worth the risk of failing…

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