Self Care Sunday – Pieces of Wisdom

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I’ve had trouble writing this Self Care Sunday post today. I had a bit of writer’s block so I just wrote about keys pieces of wisdom I’ve learned in recent years…

The single most important thing for personal and spiritual growth is self-awareness. Seeing one’s self – witnessing both strengths and weakness – is powerful. When grounded in truth and self-knowledge, I am authentically strong and powerful.

While loyalty to others is important, none should come before my loyalty to myself. It’s essential to make choices that good for my holistic wellness. Make choices that support my well-being. I will make choices that honor my needs, wants and desires.

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I am 100% responsible for my choices and actions. I accept responsibility.

I am 100% accountable for my choices and actions. I hold myself accountable.

I am equally responsible and accountable for my inaction. When I don’t make a choice, I am making a choice.

Missing an opportunity because I did not take action is my responsibility. It’s essential to prepare one’s self with education and development so when opportunity knocks, I will be ready.

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I am self-sufficient. I am self-supportive. I am self-reliant. I am solely responsible for my financial health and well-being. I am solely responsible for planning for my retirement. I am solely responsible for securing my future. I am responsible for making smart money choices! Recent career choices are grounded in this wisdom.

I would rather take my chances, take risks, work hard and try my best than coast through life or have an easy job. This is how I roll. I prefer rolling through life with folks who roll the same way. When I applied for two promotions at the same time last week, I took a risk. I will see how that plays out in the coming weeks but it was a risk I knew I had to take. In the words of Brene Brown, I “dared greatly”.

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My character is my responsibility. Living by my principles is not optional. I respect people who stand for something. Stand for something – Stand for anything – Stand!

I live my truth when I let folks know that I love them and care about them. If you get one of those texts, phones or a hug, know that I authentically love and miss you. Don’t get weird about it 😂 Just accept it and know you are loved!

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Everything is always working out for my highest good 💙🦋

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May you be safe
May you be healthy
May you be happy
May you be loved

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