Your Aphrodite ~ Blue Love Poetry

Your Aphrodite ~ Blue Love Poetry
I spoke
To you
In the language
Of lust and desire
As my
Hips moved
To rhythm
Of your heartbeat
That I heard
In my heart
The moment
I saw your face
It’s not really
What we do
That matters
It’s that
You are near me
Your energy is
Close enough
For me to sense you
I sense
Your energy
My inner Goddess
Into your
I sense
The erotic
Fantasies locked
In your mind
As you watch me
Moving near you
Feeling you
Pull the desire
From your
Eyes into my words
You were
Close enough
To me
That I could not doubt
My intuition
I could only
And radiate
The love I felt in
Your beautiful blue eyes
I was
Affirmed that
My intuition
Sensed you correctly
You were
Back in my realm
Only briefly
You nurtured
My faith
In our connection
And nourished
The bond quietly
Growing between us
Never needing
Many words
We say more
Eye to eye
With each other
Than some
Men and women say
In full conversations
In my glance
You know
My body started
Burning with
Erotic desire
The moment
I saw your face
As your voice
Wet my lips
With ready desire
In anticipation
Of the moment
Your hand
Is between my legs
As I feel
The hardness
Of your lust
For me
Of all the roles
I may play
In your life
I most enjoy
Being your
Of love and
sexual desire
Until you are
In my arms
Your psychic energy
To mine
And join me
In our realm
Where you are
My Muse
My God
And I am
Your lover
Your friend
Most importantly
Your Aphrodite
(C)2016 Highest Good Holistic Health Coaching, LLC ~ All Rights Reserved

NOTE: The art on this post is Birth Of Venus by William Adolphe-Bouguereau(1879). In Greek Mythology, Aphrodite is the Goddess of love, beauty, pleasure and desire. She goes by the name Venus in Roman Mythology.I like Greek & Roman Mythology and would like to write more poetry using that imagery.

I originally wrote & published this poem for Blue Love on December 22, 2016.