Stubble ~ Blue Love Poetry (Repost)

Stubble ~ Blue Love Poetry
My legs
Spread a little
While I listened
To you talk
All I could think about
Was feeling
The stubble
On your face
Rubbing against
My thighs
I grew wetter
With anticipation
As I drifted
And thought about
You rubbing
Your stubbled skin
Against my welcoming thighs
I listened
While you talk
You were raising
My erotic longings
Giving voice
Whom begs
For the attention
Of your beautiful eyes
Let me
My wet desires
Into your ear
And beg
You to
Rub your stubble
Against my breasts
Don’t forget to
Brush it
Against my nipples
Waiting erect
For your
Rough skin
To set mine
On fire
With lust
For the man
That sparks
My words into
I want your
Against my inner thigh
Rubbing coarsely
As you lick
My wetness
Calling your name
In orgasmic release
I am grateful
You are back
In my realm
If only
I am grateful
You were
Close enough
For me
To sense you
Ever so deliciously
Between my legs
Now wet
With desire for you
I exclaim
An orgasmic
Thank you
I needed to
Feel you
Hear you
Sense you
To create
And nourish
Our connectedness
As I spread my legs
To feel
The stubble on your face
Against my soft thigh
You say my name
And remind me
Once again
I am yours
Only yours
I am always happy
When you are near
Now go down
And rub your
Stubbled face
Against my thighs
Until I scream
Your name
(C)2016 Highest Good Holistic Health Coaching, LLC ~ All Rights Reserved

NOTE: This poem as originally written for Blue Love and published on December 28, 2016.

Everything is always working out for my highest good🦋