Anticipation ~ Blue Love Poetry


Anticipation ~ Blue Love Poetry
Looking down my blouse
You see my full breasts
Inviting you
To press your lips
Between them
And softly say my name
As you suck
On my nipples
Glancing at my knees
You want to
Slide your hand
Between my legs
And open me wide
For you to feel
My desire for you
Looking at me from behind
You know one day
You will bend me
Over the table
And press yourself
Inside me
One day you will
Press yourself
Inside me
Looking into your
Crystal blue eyes
I see myself
Under your control
I will surrender into your command
And spread my legs
Wider with each movement
Of your hips against mine
Standing next to you
I feel myself
Take your hands in mine
And rest them on my hips
As I guide your mouth
To my breasts
I want your mouth
On my my breasts
When I hear your voice
I feel the heat in my body
Stirring the juice of desire
For you as you pass by
Catching myself
I pull myself back
From the edge
I fear I’ll lose myself one day
I remind myself
Where we are
And it’s not time yet
The controlled anticipation
Makes it hard
To catch my breathe sometimes
Then you look
Me in the eyes
And I know
You feel the same thing
Until the day comes
I will seduce you quietly
With erotic words
I will write erotic words
For only you from me
Until the day comes
When I am your lover
I will write with anticipation
Of the day
When you are free
And the time is ours
Of the time
When you are
Lying in this bed with me
And I am whispering
Erotic words to you
As I make love to you
Anticipating you sexually
Makes me wet
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Everything is always working out for my highest good💙🦋

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Loving Kindness Prayer
May you be safe
May you be healthy
May you be happy
May you be loved

There is something to be said for lust. When a man and woman connect on a lusty erotic level, it is intoxicating. The anticipation of being together is actually quite stimulating. As for me, it gives me inspiration to create. If I can’t have sex with Blue Love tonight, I’ll write about having sex with him and erotically connect with him through my words.

I am posting something sexy today to cheer myself up. ‪I have Republican friends who now care more about keeping Trump in office than they care about being a racist or being a good human. It is depressing to think they can’t even see what they’ve become since he took over the GOP.   They’ve always focused on their big houses, expensive cars, fancy clothes, big parties but they were never willing to throw in with racism… Actually, the extremist of both parties are responsible.  Fuck that!  I will never be that.  That will never be me.  People will always come first for me.  I look for the soul in the eyes of a person. That is what matters to me 💙🦋

In my new job, I will be working to help advocate for minority schools & students. I will work to affect change every damn day from the inside.

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