Show Me Who You Are ~ Blue Love Poetry


Show Me Who You Are – Blue Love Poetry
I want to
Know the man
Not the persona
From our past
I want to sit with
Your pain
I want to swim
In your happiness
I want to know
The man
Without the illusions
You will know me
Stripped down
Read me
As an open book
Savor my words
Linger in my depth
Turn the page
In your life
To my loving face
So our eyes
Meet once again
I want to know
Behind the voice
I so love
And know
The man you’ve
Become since
Letting go
Of who you used to be
I want to
Know the man
As you are today
In raw sexuality
Come rest
Where you belong
Against my body
In the comfort
And acceptance
Of my legs
Open wide
To welcome
You home
To our connection
Where your
Heart is
I want to
Know the man
You’ve become
In the light
Of the summer sun
Show me
Who you are now
And I will
Let you in
My world
Show me
The man behind
Beautiful blue eyes
That captured
My heart and spun
Around my soul
Come show me
The man you
Are today
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Everything is always working out for my highest good💙🦋

NOTE This love poem for Blue Love. I wrote it during lunch while I sat outside in the sun for a few minutes soaking in some natural vitamin D; I am supposed to be taking 5000 of vitamin D each day and getting natural sun to help bring my blood levels up.

This is the third week of my new job. Wow! it’s a brain breaker🤣 Plus I am still not feeling great. My tummy is improving; I am just exhausted with muscle and joint pain. This is how these flare-ups go. It also could be that my Vitamin D level is still in the toilet.  If the flares go on for too long, I start getting the autoimmune response. I have an appointment with a clinical nutritionist tomorrow after work. I am looking into using CBD oil for pain since I can’t take a freaking Advil. Let me tell ya, if I was retired, I would be lighting ’em up – smoking pot – for sure! While I am not drug tested in my job, pot is still illegal in my state. Can’t wait until it’s legal or I retire. It also makes me horny – so if Blue Love wants to stop by… 😍 🤣

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Loving Kindness Prayer
May you be safe
May you be healthy
May you be happy
May you be loved