Self Care Sunday – This week was lit

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OMG! This week has been lit 🤣Holy Smokes! Let’s see…Where should I start…

I am starting to feel better. My tummy is finally settling down but that has been with the help of my favorite Functional Nutritionist who helped me figure out how to reset it. It’s now healing.   In my appointment with my nutritionist, he reviewed my blood work and showed me where I had subtle deficiencies but were clinical insignificant so the doctor and have been untreated. He also explained what was happening in my gut from clinical perspective.  He reviewed three days of my food log to help identify trigger foods. He reviewed all of my medications and supplements to see if one of them could cause problems. He gave me a plan to follow, as best I can, for the next three weeks to reset the gut. At the end of the day, it’s about eating what I can digest.

Here are some of the recommendations he made:

✳️In 32 ounces of water – add 1 teaspoon of Glutamine Powder (Amino Acid) along with one Okra sliced in half. Let it sit over night. He told me to make two of these each night and drink both the next day. The Amino Acid and Okra will soothe and heal the gut naturally. It’s working 😄

✳️Limit Diary temporarily and I am already Gluten Free

✳️Eat more refined foods – just for three weeks so I don’t have to work so hard to digest. Who knew baked chicken is hard to digest???

✳️He gave a list of foods that easy to digest and he told me if I cheat, to take a digestive enzyme. For example, the easiest to digest beans are Cannelini and Kidney but must be cooked. Hummus is ok but no raw beans like Chick Peas

✳️I’m already taking 5K Vitamin D. I will continue that. But I am also slightly deficient in Vitamin B-12 and Folate. So, I am now using sublingual supplement with each in it to bring the levels up. I asked why do I keep getting deficient. He explained metabolic stress and having a stomach that burns too hot means I can’t absorb them properly.

✳️I already take 200 Magnesium Glyclinate each night

✳️He gave me Turmeric w/o black pepper for pain – No CBD yet but I am still hoping for legalized 420 in my state🙏 My life goal =  “a toker, a smoker, a midnight joker” Well, not really but it’s good for pain relief and anxiety. I don’t plan to be a burn out ✌️

✳️And a new bio-identical multi-vitamin

✳️So, this what I am doing for the next three weeks. If you are interested in an appointment with Steven Chang, you can find him at Essential Elements NJ He’s in Northfield, NJ but does phone consultations.

Now, let’s talk about work…HOLY FUCKING SMOKES! It was lit this week!come-thru-its-lit-meme
So, I stepped into a new program two weeks ago and found it was totally fucked up. My first briefing I talked truth to power and said what I had to say. I let folks know I was not sticking around if it wasn’t fix…SOOO, my senior leader blew it up in a “Come to Jesus Meeting”🔥 She told them straight up when she walked in to buckle up because it was going to be unpleasant 🤣 I can’t even tell you how much I respect her for her balls. She blew it up! I mean she light a match and set her leadership team on fire🔥I knew something happened Thursday afternoon when the frantic chaos started. Well, I’ve been getting a lot of attention since ☺️🤣✌️ Hey, gotta do what you gotta do. I am not even a little bit sorry that I kept things real in that meeting.  I will sooner go back to old job and take a demotion before I will be responsible for stepping into a mess that is already two months behind schedule yet was being managed by an Exec 👊I just got here two weeks ago. in additional to all hands on deck I also got an Executive Coach to help me transition to this new level of popularity 🤣 I hit the pillow like a ton of bricks on Friday night but I was woken up around midnight by a deliciously “felt like real life” sex dream with Blue Love laying back and enjoying a good ride with me🔥🥰

So, it’s Saturday and I’ve already worked on a briefing for Monday and had a telcon. I will be doing a pre-brief tomorrow followed by re-briefing directors Monday. My GM will brief the Senior Leader on Wednesday. They decided to keep me out of that hot seat because the mess isn’t my fault but I’ve been working all week to fix it.  I am starting my briefing on Monday morning by saying, “Let me share my vision for the program…Imagine if we could give school districts money to implement education curriculum in aviation, to become pilots, engineers, aerospace engineers and aircraft mechanics in high schools? Imagine the reach we would have into the younger generation. Now, let me explain how we are going to get there with your commitment and support…”. My GM has been coaching me through this whole process. I just LOVE her and I love how honest and direct we speak to each other while respecting our rules of engagement.  Here are a few rules of engagement for the workplace just in case you need them.


To implement some self care this weekend, I dropped off a call at 7:45am so I could walk up to Brittany’s Cafe(my local coffee/breakfast shop) to have breakfast with my 74 year neighbor/buddy. I abruptly had to stand up and say, “Well, I gotta go because I have an emergency brewing and I am not sure I trust the plumbing here”. He busted out laughing and said, “Defcom 3 or 4?” 🤣 So, you can see my belly hasn’t completely settled down yet. I am going a pool party at my former roommate’s house this afternoon and most likely will working Sunday morning to do a pre-brief (practice walk through) with my GM for Monday. It’s all good. After Wednesday this should settle down and I am thankful they recognized I was right after they did their own fact finding and corroborated my assessment.

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Everything is always working out for my highest good💙🦋

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