Consent Of The King ~ Blue Love Poetry


So I want change the energy from my recent Self Care Sunday post where I explained that I have no f**ks to give about a work situation anymore🤣 I still don’t have any f**ks to give on that topic. I am still tip toeing around political land mines, waiting to see how things play out and still not enjoying myself. It’s time for me to switch my personal energy to attract something better. So my focus today is something that I do enjoy. Writing poetry for Blue Love. Today I call the sexy playful energy of the word f**k when used as verb as in – Fornication Under the Consent Of the King (F**k)😈🔥 That means it’s time for a sex poem for Blue Love…

Consent Of The King ~ Blue Love Poetry
With me
My King

I give you
To use
My body
As your release

It is only
In the divine light
Of your beautiful eyes
That I am aroused

I submit
My naked body
To your erotic fantasies
As a loyal subject
And adorning lover

My King
It is the
Sweetness of your face
I so desire
In these
Trying times
As I strategize
Against opponents
Who underestimated me
Yet emboldened
My self confidence

I’ve grown
Since you last
Felt the love
Of my eyes
Locked with yours

With me
My King

I lay open
For your crown
To lay
My belly
After you
Take me
Under your command

I beg
To serve
At the pleasure
Of my king

With me
My King

Let me
Look into
Those beautiful
Blue eyes
While you
With me
My King

Your loyal subject

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Everything is always working out for my highest good💙🦋

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Loving Kindness Prayer
May you be safe
May you be healthy
May you be happy
May you be loved