Reunion ~ Blue Love Poetry

Lovers Painting by Dabin Lee

Lovers Painting by Dabin Lee

Reunion ~ Blue Love Poetry
I close my eyes
And reunite with
Your beautiful soul
I am here
To remind you
Our connection
Is pure
Our connection
Is love
You are loved

Tune into
The rhythm of my heart
And find reassurance
I haven’t left you
I am here
I am in your your heartbeat
I’m not leaving you
I am here
In your long exhale
I am here
I’m still yours
Reunite with me
With your thoughts

From this place
Of love
I strengthen you
I comfort you
And I hold you
In my loving arms
Thankful for our reunion

Our flame
Burns as bright today
As it did
The first time
You made me wet
With arousal
Our flame
Burns as bright today
As it did
When we sat
Across from each other
Eye to eye
Our flame
Burns as bright today
As it did
The last time
I looked into
Your beautiful eyes
And told you
I couldn’t say good-bye
Remember how
You reassured me
You reminded me
I would see you
And now
I am reassuring
You today
We will reunite
You will talk with me
You will see me
You will hold me
You will kiss me
You will fuck me
My dear Blue Love
Will be with me again
Take a moment
To reunite with me
In your heart
Connect your heart
To mine
And let’s create
Our reunion
Create a new beginning
With me
As friends and lovers
Close your eyes
My dear Blue Love
And reunite with me
Tonight in our dreams
I am waiting
For you
Come home
To me
Come home
To love

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