Self Care Sunday – I’m weird; are you weird too?

It’s true. I am weird. I’m the round peg in a world of square holes 🤣 I like and believe in weird spiritual stuff. I tell you this as a warning. What you are about to read is going to seem weird – especially if you’ve never experienced what I experience every day. I write about weird spiritual topics to encourage people to open the minds and hearts. Signs are all around us. It’s up to us to be open enough to receive the signs and follow the flow of the Universe.

I’ve been seeing repetitive number series (11:11, 111, 222, 333, etc.) every day for a few years. It actually started New Years Eve weekend 2016 when I was driving to the Berkshire Mountains for the weekend. I had no idea what it all meant back then but I sensed it was not a coincidence; it had to be some sort of sign. When I first started seeing the repetitive number series, I google it every time is saw one. It started with 11:11 then it was 111 and 1111. I see repetitive numbers series throughout the day now. The most common repetitive number series I see is 222 which is about partnership, love, divine timing and everything working out for the highest good of all concerned. I always think of Blue Love when I see 222 💙


I was driving late Friday afternoon. I looked at my dashboard and saw my trip mileage was 999, I had 333 miles of fuel remaining, the truck in front of me had 555 on the license plate and I heard on the radio “Veteran’s Day 11/11”. Four repetitive numbers in under 10 seconds. I knew it was a sign. The Universe was trying to get my attention so I pulled over and reflected for a moment. I remembered my research 999s are about cycles coming to an end, 333s are about divine guidance and 555 signify divine positive changes are happening for your highest good and 11/11 is confirmation that I am on the right path. After thinking through all of that this sign means to me that the hard cycle of learning or growth I’ve been in is just about over. Like I’ve learned the lesson and completed the cycle; time to rest before the next lesson starts. It’s also a sign that I am exactly where I am meant to be.

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The first hard cycle that is ending is the challenges the new job I started three months ago. If you’ve been reading my blog, you know this damn job has been really challenging for many reasons. It’s the hardest job I’ve ever had and it didn’t need to be. It was leadership who made it hard because they were trying to fit a schedule for a new program into a timeline they promised without knowing all of the requirements. I was getting pressure from all over including executives and managers to meet a ridiculous schedule that they made without completely understanding regulatory requirements changed in recent years. I contacted legal with my “ethics” concerns about six weeks ago. It has taken some time for things to play out. Folks have been a little standoffish with me because I “outed” them more or less. 🤣I give zero f**ks. I am not there to make friends. Taking a stand and doing the right thing was the right thing to do. Period – end of story! Things seem be stabilizing now. A GM called me this week to thank me for “pulling the threads” and making sure they knew about the regulatory missteps because I “saved” them in the long run. Yes, things are starting to settle down.  I am not sure what will happen next so I’ll just go with the flow and trust everything will work out for my highest good.

The other cycle coming to close is the one that started last year while I was watching Christine Blasey-Ford testify at the Kavanuagh hearings about sexual assault. Something about watching that hearing triggered deep pain from my past that I bottled up instead of acknowledging. All the painful memories from when I was younger returned. I remembered crying for three days straight. It was so confusing to me that in 2018 I was reliving painful memories from so long ago as if they happened yesterday. I remember I called my therapist for emergency session because I was so overwhelmed with grief. That’s what it was – it was grief. It was grief for what was taken away from me and how those events affected me and my relationships with men the rest of my life. Over the last year, I’ve worked through those issues and let myself feel the pain. It wasn’t until a month ago that I realized I’ve healed. Sitting at the hospital with my family while my brother is in congestive heart failure could have triggered me but actually I noticed I was detached. I focused on supporting my mother. Instead of feeling triggered I’ve felt nothing…. No anger.  No pain. No resentment. Nothing…I just feel free… Like I finally released the pain. Don’t confuse that with forgiveness. I do not believe we need to forgive those who harm us. This isn’t forgiveness but I have let go of the pain of remembrance. I found peace with the memories. The power has shifted. While I remain sad about how my life was affected and how my relationships with men has been impacted by those events, I no longer feel traumatized by it. I also see by sitting with my anger and grief last year and crying for three days I was able to open up and let go of the pain. I cleared space for me to show now as a stronger Linda now. Yes, a painful cycle completed recently☺️

Have you noticed a change in the last week? Do you suddenly feel lighter? Perhaps a burden was lifted or you finally made a hard decision? Have been seeing repetitive numbers? Take an opportunity to slow down and let yourself notice the shift. Below is a little recap of why personal meanings interpretations of repetitive numbers series. However, you would be best to google them for other meanings to determine what resonants with you.

When it first started, I researched each number and eventually began to trust it’s a code. Those numbers mean something. When I see or hear 11:11, 111, 1111 is about alignment. Whenever I see it, I take it was the Universe is saying “stay woke”, “your thoughts are in alignment with the Universal flow of energy” or “you are on the right path”. Over time I began to trust that 222 is my reminder that everything is working out for my highest good. It’s also a reminder for me to send energy to those I love. When I see 444, my angels and guides are nearby. I say hello, thank them for the support and ask what message they’ve come to give me. When I see 777, I recognize that as message from spirit to trust my intuition. When I see 555, it means divine changes are happening. When I see 888, I know blessings, usually financial, are on their way. When I see 333, I thank the Ascendent Masters for guiding me and protecting. It’s also my reminder to balance myself holistically. When I see 999, it means a cycle is coming to an end and it also is a code or a calling for “lightworkers”. I know this all sounds crazy but trust me. My life has changed dramatically for the better since I started acknowledging and trusting the code in the numbers.

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Today, I am remembering my friend, Karen, who passed away from Cancer in April 2018. Karen embraced my weirdness. She would sit at dinner asking me all kinds of questions trying to understand. lol 🙂 While she wasn’t into all of the spiritual stuff I enjoy, she was always willing to learn and listen. I haven’t had a friend like that since she left. All of my other friends are too normal for me to really let all of the weirdness hang out. I also wish my friends enjoyed the outdoors & hiking as much as I do. I went to Batsto Village on Sunday but didn’t want to hike the long trail alone.I am probably going to the Kripalu in the Berkshire Mountains this winter because they do a four to six mile guided hike every day if the weather is nice….Yep, I’m weird. I like weird spiritual stuff & I also like the outdoors! I’m weird, can I be weird with you? 🤣


I am sharing “Your Song” by Elton John because I’ve heard it like ten times in the last 24 hours. That feels meaningful to me. Like someone reading this needs to hear it 🥰

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