Self Care Sunday ~ Take What You Need


Sometimes in life we are meant to do hard stuff. Sometimes we don’t know why we are called or chosen for hard tasks. Other times we sign up to do hard things because we want the challenge. Whether it’s in our personal life or in our professional life, our hardest phases are also the greatest opportunity for growth and character development. Sometimes it’s the struggle we endure that defines who we are and perhaps reveals we are stronger than we even knew.

I find myself in the middle of an extremely hard task at work. The coworker who sits next to me is an experienced advisor who helps to ground me when I need it. I said to her yesterday in a moment of frustration, “If I would have known this is what every day would be like in this job, I don’t think I would have taken it.” Considering the ethical drama that occurred and the fact that I blew up a schedule in my first 90 days because of a regulatory issue, she knew what I meant. Google for more information about federal regulations regarding data collection from the public. She then said something that stuck with me and I’ve been thinking about it. “Just because it’s hard, doesn’t mean you are on the wrong path. I’ve watched you learn and grow. Maybe that’s what this job is all about right now in your life. It’s a learning opportunity. Take what you need from the experience and learn to leave the rest behind.”

It is true. I have grown a lot in these 90 days. I’ve proven to myself I am capable to standing tall and strong when it counts. I’ve proven to leadership I am going to do the right thing even if it makes their messaging difficult. I’ve shown folks around me who I am and demonstrated my integrity will always come before their milestone.

While I reflect on this, I am thankful to my Mother for teaching me how to be fierce and strong. I think I learned to be a hard-ass from her. I am thankful for experiences that shaped my viewpoint and honed my strategic thinking skills. I am thankful for past managers who shaped my experiences with their examples of leadership. I am thankful for my current supervisor. He’s ethical and he’s not afraid to do the right thing even if it is unpopular. He’s also a direct communicator like myself. He kind of reminds me of Blue Love in that regards. My supervisor works in a different city than I do. We’ve only met in person once but we talk on the phone for 15 minutes just about every work day. In my first 90 days, we’ve already gone a few of rounds. We say what we have to say to each other but after we fight it out, we get into alignment and back each other up 100%. Everyone says we’re a good team. He works things downtown while I work things at the beach 🙂

Leadership approved $6K worth of training in Grant Management for me this week. My first two courses are in December. I finish my certificate in March. I am not sure where that will lead but it will set me up to be Grant Officer, which is a Contracting Officer for Grants. For now, I’m going to focus on what my coworker said. I’m gonna take what I need from the experience and learn to leave everything else behind.

I would also like to say I am grateful I have my ocean view back 🙂 The building I live in has been doing some external brickwork. The last two months they’ve had my ocean view windows blocked off for protection. They had a blue coating on them. I had to keep the blinds closed because the blue hue was giving me headaches. They took off the coating on Friday and I have my view back 🙂 The outside of the window still has some smudges. They are cleaning them next week but at least I have my view back.

So, tell me… Are you going through hard stuff right now? Did you recently change jobs and find it’s different than you thought it would be? Are you going through a difficult transition or change in your personal life? Remember the words of my coworker… “just because it’s hard, doesn’t mean you are on the wrong path!” Take what you need from the experience and leave the rest behind!” And if you need an example of this…think of Marie Yovanovitch…She stood up for our Nation and what is right. She showed us how to be fierce ✊I wish I was in that room for that hearing. I would have loved to have stood and participated in that standing ovation 👏👏👏

This all reminds me of the U2 song Walk On from the album I love All That You Can’t Leave Behind

I know how it aches and your heart it breaks. You can only take so much. But walk on. You got to leave it behind – Walk on

Everything is always working out for my highest good 💙🦋

Loving Kindness Prayer💙
May you be safe
May you be healthy
May you be happy
May you be loved

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