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If I am home on the weekends at 10am, I like to watch AM Joy on MSNBC. Joy Reid does a segment where she asks her guests, “Who won the week and why?” Her guests pick their winners from the news events in the previous week. So my question to you today is how did you WIN your week? What went right? What worked out? Did you make progress? Was there an energetic shift in your life? Can you take a moment to appreciate what’s good in your life? This is how I won the week.

A “win” for the entire Universe this week is that Mercury Retrograde is finally over🤣 Mercury went direct on November 20th. I have to be honest. I am not really affected by Mercury Retrograde shenanigans too much anymore but the funniest story I heard this week was a Kansas City news anchor accidentally sent his sick call email to the entire broadcasting company across the USA. His coworkers across the country started the #PrayersforNick viral hashtag on Twitter and a shrine at his desk🤣

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While this is funny, some screw ups may not be as comical. I would encourage folks to just automatically try to be more present every day – slow your roll down… Seriously, slow everything down and learn to be more present. Perhaps be more cautious with communications, contracts and commitments when you hear Mercury is spinning backwards😉Check the below Mercury Retrograde Bingo Card to see if you got any of them this time around.

My professional “win” of the week was I was able to meet an important first regulatory milestone for my program this week. I submitted our first two “notices” to the Federal Register on Thursday. They should be live by Tuesday or Wednesday. It’s important because it starts a 9 month clock of regulatory actions that have to be done before we can announce a solicitation or call for proposals to the public. This one action won’t close for 60 days so while I wait I am writing Standard Operating Procedures, establishing policy directives, working through Privacy Requirements and figuring out Merit Criteria standards. Plenty of work to do but now it’s a pace that is manageable and folks realize that I was right all along 🤣 So, that’s helpful too 😜

My other professional “win” of the week is that I realized I am not attached to this current job. I like the job. I am thankful for the learning opportunity. I do feel like I am in the right place. It’s clear they need someone strong and “by the book” like me to move this forward. However, I am not attached like I’ve been to jobs, people and organizations in the past. My loyalty is to myself and my growth. If the signs point me in a new direction, I will go wherever the Universe leads me. I trust the Universe and know everything is always looking out for my highest good. There is freedom in non-attachment. Attachment keeps us stuck in unhealthy situations. Attachments holds us back from choosing growth. I am glad I am not attached this time around. What are you attached to? Can you let go a bit?
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My Thanksgiving “win” this week is that I got assigned desserts to bring for dinner. Since I am traveling that day, packing pies and cakes is so much easier than packing hot food. The only requirement I was given was to be sure I bring a Big Plain Cheesecake with Cherry Pie Filling and Whipped Cream on the side along with any other desserts/pies I want to bring.  I LOVE cheesecake with Cherries and whipped cream too:-) I am thinking cookies, Apple Pie, Pumkin pie and maybe a Pecan Pie.  I can’t eat any of those but I will enjoy Cheesecake and I may pick myself up something else with chocolate ☺️🤣

Speaking of sweets — My normal morning Cup of Joe is Dunkin’ Donuts Dark Roast with Cream (No  Sugar).  I had a late afternoon treat today. It was DD Dark Roast with Gingerbread S’mores and cream.  WOW!  It tasted like a donut. I am sure it had a million grams of sugar but it sure was delicious 🙂 #coffeelover


My personal “win” this week is that I am learning to be less judgmental of myself. I have a tendency to be very hard on myself. I am working on that. I am also learning to accept myself as I am today. Celebrate my growth. Appreciate the woman I’ve grown into and leave the past in the past. Maya Angelou said, “when you know better, do better.” I am embracing that teaching and acknowledging that I know better now. Therefore, I can do better than I did in the past. Does this resonant with you as well?

My Christmas “win” of the week is that I finished about 75% of my Christmas shopping on Friday. I am usually a last minute shopper so this is a big deal for me. I am putting my little four foot free up this Sunday too. Yep, I am winning Christmas this year. I am gonna be ready for Santa early this year 🤣


My only issue this week is my jaw has been super tight and the arthritis in my TMJ has been painful. I’m trying to be more aware of when I clench my jaw. Whenever my TMJ acts up like this, my Go-To meal is Gluten Free Mac & Cheese with BBQ Pulled Pork👍It’s delicious & easy on the jaw – nothing crunchy or chewy 😊

How did you win your week? How are you taking care of yourself?

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