Our Path ~ Blue Love Poetry

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Follow The Path – Love, Sex & Poetry
By: Linda A. Long
Her passion
Burns bright
Hot like the sun
Warm to the touch
Under the surface
For his touch
To break open
Her soul
Baring it
To his crystal eyes
She burns bright
Like a fire
Lighting the way
For him
She forges a path
For him
To follow
It is lined with
Of the warm embrace
Of her arms
Wrapped around his neck
And her legs
Wrapped around his waist
Pulling him into her softness
Letting him relax
Into her tenderness
And feel her
Warmth and passion
The path is his to walk
She can only offer him
In the words
She writes for him
Words of desire
Writings of the passion
That beats in her soul and
Flickers in her eyes
For him
She willingly exposes
Her soul to him
In her words
Feeling safe
In their connection
She offers
A promise
Of a loving embrace
And genuine friend
Waiting for him
Waiting for him
To touch the center
Of her fire
And spark his heart
Anew with her passion
Waiting for him
To kindle his soul
With the fire
That burns in her belly
And lights a path
For him to follow
Follow the path
To her fire
Follow the path
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NOTE: I finally can let out a big exhale…It’s been a good week so I wanted to share my happiness by posting a Blue Love Poem 💙🔥

As of 4:00pm on Monday, December 23rd, I will be on vacation until Monday, January 6, 2020. Monday is the only day I will work in two weeks. I’ve never taken that long off from work before. I have time, there are a few holidays and my schedule worked out to support it. My leadership at work approved it because they know how crazy the last few months have been and they know what is coming in 2020. It’s a good time for me to disconnect and take a break. I planned to go on a yoga/meditation retreat but honestly I don’t really need to travel. I just want to be… be still…rest…I’ll be in Philly a few days around Christmas. A few days trips already scheduled and I have lunch and dinner plans with friends already booked. I am not sure about NYE. As a non-drinker, it’s not really a big deal for me but I am open if something comes up. I am just really looking forward to the opportunity to completely disconnect from work… I wouldn’t be surprised if I end up with new car too. My lease is in the last year. The dealership offered me a few options. I am very interested in one. I am going there on Friday to drive a 2020 🙂 It will be another lease. I am never buying another car again. I like new and shiny too much 🙂

Everything is always working out for my highest good 💙🦋

Loving Kindness Prayer💙
May you be safe
May you be healthy
May you be happy
May you be loved

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