Self Care Sunday ~ Exhaustion

It’s Saturday morning. I am drinking coffee, watching AMJOY on @MSNBC and feeling totally exhausted. I find myself mentally and physically exhausted. I am mentally tired because of my damn job. 😂 I am physically tired because I had a busy week. I was in the office for 10 hour days Monday through Wednesday. I was in DC on Thursday and I drove up to Philly early on Friday to spend the day with my Mom. Friday was a nice day but I drove a lot. Today is Saturday and I have absolutely no desire to go anywhere. I especially do not feel like driving.

I am emotionally exhausted today because I care about our Nation and what is happening in our Nation upsets me. I believe POTUS should be penalized for abusing his power but let me be clear — I would feel this way about any elected official whether Republican or Democrat who abused their office or power. Unchecked power is dangerous and is a slippery slope. What will he do next now that he knows he can do whatever he wants? This isn’t a Red or Blue issue for me. It’s a Right or Wrong issue for me. Do you really want a leader with unchecked power? I DO NOT – period! It worries me…


I don’t know what the future holds but I am not sure I would even want to be an official “manager”. While I have the knowledge, skills and abilities to work at that level, I am not sure I have drive, desire or even the stamina for it. I enjoy strategic work. I enjoy outreach work. This will be better for me…Lastly, Management had an extra seat for a leadership workshop that was already paid for so they asked me if I wanted to use the extra seat. Since it’s for an “Emotional Intelligence” leadership workshop, I accepted it and I am looking forward to it. It’s on 2/27✌️

emotional intelligence

Personally, I am still trying to figure out the best time to go back to the Berkshire Mountains. It’s either going to be for a Kundalini Yoga workshop March 16-19th or later in April or May. The only reason I am debating. It’s still can be really cold and snowy in the Berkshires in March. I am really hoping to get outside in the Mountains this time and do the guided hikes so warmer weather would be better for me. Here’s another photo of the Berkshires which is one of my happy places.


My plan for the rest of Saturday? I am fairly certain I will not be leaving the house today. I may not even leave the sofa and quite possibly will be heading back to bed this afternoon for a long nap. Sunday is still to be determined but I know for sure I’m teleworking on Monday ✌️😊

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5 thoughts on “Self Care Sunday ~ Exhaustion

  1. Like you, I’m worried about the state of our country. The absurdity of deciding not to look at evidence or hear witnesses is frightening. I take some solace for the writing of Howard Zinn, who says, among other things:

    “We don’t have to wait for some grand utopian future. The future is an endless succession of presents, and to live now as we think humans should live, in defiance of all that is bad around us, is itself a marvelous victory.”
    ― Howard Zinn

    And I’m so glad that your concerns about your work are being addressed! That’s wonderful and speaks well of your boss – and your communication skills! The leadership workshop or training sounds great too. Have fun. 💜💜


  2. I love that quote 💫Thank you for sharing. Part of anxiety I’ve been having is about what’s happening around me in the world. Being sensitive isn’t always fun….in case you haven’t notice, I write out my feelings in my posts. It’s my journal more or less. It helps me and maybe others can relate 💫✌️

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