Self Care Sunday ~ Rest


I am sick.  I have a massive Sinus Infection and headache again. Apparently I’ve had it a while and now I am beat up and exhausted. I went to the doctor on Thursday and was given antibiotics.  I also had blood work done that morning. I received a note from my doctor through their App on Friday night asking me to come into the office ASAP to discuss my blood test results; her staff will fit me in. I will call on Monday. I am trying to put it out of my mind for the weekend. I suspect the issues are nutritional. My usual problems are B12, Iron and Vitamin D deficiencies because my stomach doesn’t alway absorb them.

Related to nutritional issues, I am officially no longer a Vegetarian. I fell of the wagon with Red Robin Salt and Pepper Burger with Steak Fries. I am not even sorry and I don’t feel guilty. I didn’t eat meat for about 65 days. I wanted to see if my body felt better without it. Guess what? No, it didn’t. I do not feel any better and now I have nutritional issues. As I reintroduce meat back into my diet, I will also aim to have a few meatless days per week as well. If you are anyone in your life is experimenting with Vegan or Vegetarian Diets, be mindful to incorporate the below nutrients into every day or take a supplement.


For now, I am giving into to not feeling well this weekend. I will be taking it easy most of the weekend. I want to give the antibiotic a chance to catch up. It seems like it is already working. I will only go out to get food or supplies… Otherwise, I will be home. I will not be traveling or going to places with a lot of people.

This brings me to Corona Virus. I’m sure you heard on the news, they are saying Don’t touch your face to prevent Corona Virus transmission. Try it… Don’t touch your face for one hour… Last Week Tonight with John Oliver had a great video for it…🤣

Work Update: I had a major WIN this week when I was able to obtain clearance from an outside regulatory body to use an accelerated approval process. This will save a lot of time in the schedule I am managing😄💫It was kind of a big deal 💫No one actually thought I would pull if off ☺️I am good at talking to stakeholders 😉I worked with our attorney to make sure the package I presented was tight and had a narrow focus. I also made sure I stuck to the script when I presented to them. I didn’t offer any information that was not in the official briefing.  I received a message from our attorney afterwards that said the meeting went “shockingly well”🤣✌️ So, yes, I am enjoying my win… but, remember what I said, this approval accelerates my schedule.  So, it’s time to step on the gas.  That is also why I am taking this weekend to rest and working with my doctor to address any health issues.  I have a busy six months coming up 🤣

I actually told my boss this week that I am moving forward where I can; I am no longer waiting for folks to make decisions. I’ll take my hand smacking and ask for forgiveness afterward if I go to far.  Managers who don’t have a deep understanding of what I am doing are risk adverse. They hesitate to make decisions. It’s causing a huge problem for me. I am over it…The program, my program, will not end up a train wreck on my watch or as long as I am in this job.


Work also made sure everything is in place in case I need to telework full-time due to the Corona Virus issues. Since I am a remote employee anyway, it’s really not a big deal. I really only need to be the office on days that I have in person meetings at my office which. Most of my meeting are virtual or on the phone so that means I don’t really need to be in the physical office most days. I prefer to go in at least two or three days per week. Otherwise, I am stuck in my condo all the time. That’s not healthy.  My Emotional Intelligence 2.0 Workshop is on Tuesday. I will share thoughts and tips from that workshop in next week’s Self Care Sunday post.

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Everything is always working out for my highest good 💙🦋

Loving Kindness Prayer💙
May you be safe
May you be healthy
May you be happy
May you be loved

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