Mid Week Update


Well, it looks like I am down for the count for a few days of rest…

I had a doctor’s appointment today to get blood test results. The appointment was mixed results. The bad news news is I am anemic again. My Iron crashed again but my B-12 and Vitamin D are good and my A1-C is perfect. The low Iron is what is a bit concerning because I haven’t had a period in ten months. That means I am losing it somewhere else or I am not absorbing it from food. Since I’ve been having a flare up of stomach issues (gastritis), I think my stomach is not absorbing and the medication may be blocking it. At least this explains why I’ve been feeling like crap in recent weeks.

Guess what? When women go through Menopause, Cholesterol spikes. Who knew? I didn’t. My doctor told me it today. My bad Cholesterol jumped since last summer. The good news is my Triglycerides and Good Cholesterol (HDL) are absolute perfect and normal. It’s my bad cholesterol (LDL) that is problem. I need to work on getting that number down so my Doc asked me to make an appointment with my Functional Nutritionist and come up with a plan to address the Iron and Cholesterol issue naturally. She doesn’t want to introduce Statins with my stomach issue. She will retest everything in 6 weeks. My appointment with the Nutritionist isn’t until next week. In the meantime, I am focusing on low cholesterol, low fat, balanced gluten free diet which includes meat, low fat dairy and lots, I mean lots, of veggies but not much fruit. I am not a fan of fruit.


My doctor gave me a note to stay out of work the rest of week to rest. Honestly, it feels like all of the stress of the last six months caught up to me this week. I was sick when I started my job in August. I kept pushing it off because so much had to be done. I was sick all through Christmas break but pushed through it. I haven’t really stopped since I started this new job to just take care of myself. When she offered me the doctor’s note and suggested I focus on rest and taking care of myself until Monday, I took it. I also found out I have “Golf Elbow” (Tendonitis) but I don’t golf… Probably from my damn phone…I have to wear a brace. If that doesn’t work, I need a cortisone shot.

Other news, work told me today I will most likely be put on 100% telework in the near future due to Corona Virus. I stopped in work after the doctor to get my work stuff and I am planning to telework at least Monday. They also told me I don’t have to travel until further notice.  Please visit the CDC’s site for Corona Virus:


Screen Shot 2020-03-11 at 4.42.30 PM

Well, That’s my mid-week update… I’m resting and researching recipes. Focusing on taking care of myself.

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