Social Distancing and Rest – Friday Update


As an introvert, social distancing comes pretty naturally to me. It’s what I do most weekends 🤣Corona Virus social distancing and self isolation is different. Not only is it about my health and it’s about protecting the most vulnerable people in our population: elderly parents, grandparents and the chronically ill. Here’s a factual news article from PBS for education purposes:
corona virus

Corona Virus is serious and I no longer have time for folks who make light of a pathogen that is killing the vulnerable. I have a 80 year old Mother that I worry about all day long. Believe me I am extremely grateful she has been refusing to go into a retirement home and is now safe in her private home. I still worry about her especially because healthy people are panic buying and leaving nothing on the shelves for the folks who may not be able to afford to buy 20 cases of toilet paper at a time. I bought stuff online from ShopRite for my Mom and I have it scheduled for delivery next week. My sister also takes her out shopping every Sunday so my Mom is covered.

Before you all go out and clear the shelves tonight, I ask you to think about other folks who don’t have money or family to buy stock piles for a minute. It’s one thing to stock up but it’s another to only think of yourself. It lacks self and social awareness. But go enjoy your garage full of toilet paper. I actually saw someone in CVS yesterday who had a full cart of tissues boxes stacked up and said, “I don’t want to run out”! You, my friend, can go fuck all the way off…

I am also done with these spiritual types on social media sharing stupid posts about “staying woke” and how Corona Virus is some kind of spiritual cleanser sent to raise our consciousness and we shouldn’t fear it. Well maybe, but it is definitely a pathogen dumbass!  It’s killing people. Now shut the fuck up and go sage yourself of that bullshit. I agree we should delete fear and love is all there is. However, I do not believe anyone should make light of or spiritualize a pathogen that is killing the most vulnerable people in our population. I may be spiritual but I am also pragmatic as fuck and have had with dumb shit. I’ve especially have had it with the Trump Administration.  They knew for two months this could happen and hid it to protect his re-election chances.  #WorstPresidentInHistory is also #DumbAsFuck ✌️


As for myself, I’m home on a sick day and absolutely exhausted from anemia. I am resting and taking care of myself. I am writing this propped up in my bed on my Mac Book. I will probably watch some Hulu when I get done writing this and just give into my body’s need to rest today. I’ve prepared myself for self isolation and social distancing by subscribing to Hulu. I bought a new desk and task chair with my income tax return to make teleworking more comfortable since I know I will be working from home more in the coming weeks. My condo is L-shaped so I can pace and get my steps in everyday right in my own home. I filled my freezer, fridge and panty. If I go out at all, it will minimal. Honestly, I may try to get my hair colored tomorrow because I need to wash some grey out of my hair and make myself feel pretty.

While home, I am still practicing yoga and meditation. I am going to work on building my own home practice one that is 30 minutes and one that is 60 minutes while I am home this weekend. If you are new at yoga or want to try a slow gentle practice, the below practice is simple and accessible.  I found it on Instagram @yogarove. I did it yesterday. I liked it. It was the first time I tried Chair Yoga.

Take care of yourself and take care of vulnerable people in your community…

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Everything is always working out for my highest good 💙🦋

Loving Kindness Prayer💙
May you be safe
May you be healthy
May you be happy
May you be loved

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