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This past week I decided to make my health and wellbeing to be my first priority. I took me being slowed down by Iron Deficient Anemia to finally give in and give my body the rest it needed. Why is it so hard to slow down and take care of ourselves? Why is it so hard to show ourselves the same love we show others?

For me it was expectations. It was about me not wanting to disappoint anyone and not let anyone in my family or in work down. My ego was in charge and it was driving me into exhaustion; pushing past all of the warning signs my body was sending me. I was blocking it all out.

I had blood work done about ten days ago. I knew about a week ago I had Iron Deficiency Anemia. On my Monday morning I went into work because I had to a briefing to Execs. I told my boss before hand I was not well and may need to leave early but by noon my head was killing me, I could barely keep my eyes open and my stomach was on fire…I came home and went right to bed. I woke up on Tuesday morning so tired I could barely get the energy to get out of bed so I called in sick. I stayed in bed all day. I went to the doctor Wednesday morning; she offered me a note to stay out of work until Monday. I took the note but was thinking about working from home instead☺️ I stopped by the office to pick up my laptop. While I was there my coworker said to me, “Linda, you are crazy. You have a doctor’s note in your hand and you look exhausted. Do you think if you end up in the hospital any of those Execs are going to really care that you went above and beyond when you were sick? I’m telling ya… They won’t! Your priority is you not them. You can’t help anyone in bed. Go home and take care yourself!” 🤣 Yep, she fucked me with the truth 🤣And, that’s when I surrendered.


Maybe it was my coworker giving me permission to let go. Maybe it was that I was truly exhausted. I’m not sure what it was but I sent my doctor’s note, put on an out of office reply and advised my boss I would not be checking emails until Monday morning. I surrender my ego and I let go into exhaustion. Today, Saturday, is the first day I actually woke up and felt rested. I got my hair colored. Stopped in Staples to pick up a couple of things I need for my new desk and even went for a 30 minute walk in the beautiful sunshine. I’m not completely better. It’s going to take a while to get Iron up but at least I am rested. I am eating iron rich foods and taking a vitamin with iron in in to help bring my levels up. My doctor will retest in six weeks.

It’s concerning my Iron dropped as much as it did because I haven’t had a period in ten months so I am losing Iron or medication (anti-acids) for my stomach may be blocking it. Here’s some information on Iron Deficiency. My main symptoms were mouth ulcers, exhaustion, muscle pain, headaches, reoccurring infections and paleness.
iron deficiency

Keep in mind Heme Iron is absorbed easily. Non-Heme Iron (plant based) doesn’t absorb well and needs to be combined with Vitamin C for maximum absorption.  I started eating an Iron enriched cereal with fat free fortified skim milk and blueberries for breakfast which is a combo of non-heme iron and vitamin C. This combo worked for me the last time I had an Iron Deficiency. iron-physiology-2-638

One other nutrition note:  I’ve had a nodule on my Thyroid for seven or eight years.  About a year ago, I read an article that Thyroid Nodules are often caused by Iodine Deficiencies.  I switched to using Pink Himalayan Sea Salt several years ago because it has a lot of nutrients but I discovered it did not have Iodine in it.  So I switched to using regular Morton’s Iodized Table Salt.  I only use a sprinkle – probably nothing more than 1/2 a teaspoon per day.  I just had my annual Thyroid ultrasound to check on the nodule.  Guess what, it is completely gone👍 The report said the nodule can no longer be detected.  So it was an Iodine Deficiency. Lesson learned.

Work update:  I had to check in with my boss late Friday afternoon to find out if I should/could telework on Monday. He told they were allowing liberal telework for folks with health issues.   Iron Deficiency makes me vulnerable to viruses and infections so I am teleworking for the foreseeable future  or until corona virus passes. I am safer at home.   Actually, my work is doing a company wide telework test on Wednesday, March 18th. They want anyone who can telework, employees and contractors, to work from home so they can see if the system can handle it.  My Dining Room table is my desk until the desk and task chair I ordered arrive on Wednesday 🙂 I have a great view 💫

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May you be healthy
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