Herb Starter Kits – Be Enlightened :-)

Yesterday I found out a local organic farm, Enlightened Farms, that supports drug and alcohol rehabilitation centers was selling Produce Herb Starter Kits for $20 including home delivery. So, I order a kit. I was expecting three or four small plants. Instead I got eight herb plants 🤣 Oregano, Parsley, Thyme, Mint and Catnip. Am I supposed to eat Catnip or do I give it to someone with a cat? 🤣

Aren’t they beautiful? I am going to put them on my window ledge once I get something to sit them in that can hold water.

The main reason I bought was to give myself something nurture while I am home on lockdown and teleworking. I thought it would be good for me have something pretty that smells good and I can take care of during this time. I really wish I had a dog. I am allergic to cats so no cats. But a dog would be cool so I am not talking to myself all the time. I will be talking to these plants now…🤣

If you are local to South Jersey and would like fresh herb starter kits and support folks in recovery for a $20 donation, visit the Enlightened Farms website to order your kit. You make a donation and in the comments section, write “Produce Starter Kits” and then they will contact you. They will deliver them right to your door. Alternatively, you can direct message them through their Instagram site.  That’s what I did:


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