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How y’all doin? Are you extroverts hanging in there? In the words of my former boss and great mystic, “You’ll be fine”🤣✌️

All joking aside…I think the way we survive this much time in isolation, quarantine and social distancing is to find something productive and positive to focus on when we feel anxiety. I encourage you to lean into the new reality and find this stillness as a catalyst of change.  Unfortunately, folks who are used to keeping themselves in constant motion to avoid their reality or so they don’t have to think about stuff probably are having a hard time with this hard STOP and down time. My advice is…Lean into the uncomfortableness you are feeling and learn that you don’t have to be “happy” all the time. Sometimes it’s ok to just “be”. Sometimes it’s ok to be sad.  I encourage you to let this experience bring you out the other side with a new awareness of yourself and the world around you. My 80 year old Mom said to me today, “I truly believe something this bad had to happen for people to wake the fuck up and change  the world.  Half the shit those folks worry about all day (money, status) it’s all bullshit” RIGHT ON MOM ✌️✊ What really matters are our connections to other people 💙💫Empathy and compassion are the new superpowers 💙 Stay connected to those who matter to you. Perhaps say a prayer for their safety while you are apart 💙✌️💫

If you need to move and shake off some of the stagnate energy, join me in “Club Quarantine” for pop up DJ dance sessions on Instagram Live at DNICE Instagram and Quest Love (of The Roots) Instagram. Each do pop up DJ sessions on line. DNICE Club Quarantine on Friday night had 19K people from 8:00pm EDT to 9:30pm EDT during his tribute to Bill Withers and tonight he was live at 7:00pm EDT with 62.3K people in the room. DNICE & QuestLove  post when they are going live on their Instagram pages and then you just click their profile photo to enter the live feed. It’s AWESOME. I danced in my living all through both sessions! Such a great way to burn off the heavy energy around us and connect with the rest of world in Club Quarantine 💙

Club Quarantine



















I’ve had some sinus/ear issues this week. I believe it’s from allergies. It’s been super windy every single day.  My head does NOT like windy weather. It’s a migraine trigger for me.. I don’t have any other symptoms so I don’t think I have Corona Virus. The heat in my condo was fixed, it’s finally not 90 degree in my living room anymore. I think the heat has been part of the problem too. It’s been drying me out. I am, however, keeping a distance and wearing a face mask when I grocery shop. I bought these masks on Etsy. Learning how to wear a mask without steaming up my glasses has been a challenge 🤣
face masks
Updates from last week, I haven’t decided what I am going to do with my balcony yet. The only decision I’ve made so far was to buy two new “relaxer” chairs that I can use on my balcony or maybe take to the beach in the meantime while I think about making a larger investment. I would really love a small outdoor loveseat with an ottoman but I have to think about storage during winter and I can’t buy it right now anyway because I can’t get it delivered.  Anyway, I lucked out while looking online for chairs. I found these super comfy chairs were on sale at Ace Hardware. I was able to order and pay online and then pick them up curbside at a local store. I paid only $35.00 for each because they were on sale and I have Ace Hardware Rewards Account so they were an extra $15.00 off for each. That’s a STEAL👍I can definitely hangout and listen to the ocean in these chairs. They are super comfy and recline all the way back✌️ I can also fold them up and put them under my bed during the winter. When you live in a condo, you always have to think about storage when you buy something 😉

Relaxer chairs


Honestly, I believe some form of social distancing is going to be with us for many months until there is a vaccine for Corona Virus. Round two in fall and winter could be worse.  I want to make my space super comfy for myself and so I can have close friends over to hang out on my balcony this summer inside of going out in crowded places.  Friends can bring their wine/beer while I drink coffee or an Orange Pellegrino 🍊 I also put a bench together for my plants or it could be extra seating. My herb plants are under the new bench in the photo below for protection from today’s wind.  I don’t want them inside. The Oregano is too fragrant.

If someone would have told me my Isolation hobby would become a potted garden for veggies and fruit along with growing micro greens and having a blueberry bush hanging out on my dining room table, I would have thought they were insane 🤣But, here we are… You can see my Drawf Blueberry bush is sprouting some leaves and my Kale Microgreens are having mixed results. The one on the far right is doing great. I can cut some next week to eat 😀🌱 I am waiting for a day that is not windy to go out on the balcony with the rest of my gardening supplies to plant Spinach, Kale and Lettuce seeds in 12″ pots.  It’s worth a shot ✌️🌱.  While I could wear the mask outside in the wind, it’s still a migraine trigger so I am going to wait.

Take care of yourself and don’t forget to meet me in Club Quarantine by clicking DNICE his profile photo on Instagram to shake some stress off 💃🏻
gardening supplies
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Loving Kindness Prayer💙
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May you be healthy
May you be happy
May you be loved

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