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Sigh… It’s Wednesday! On Wednesdays my coworker who sits next to me at work would holler over the wall to me, “Linda, Linda Linda! What Day Is it?” Then she would say, “Mike, Mike,Mike”. I miss that. It always made me laugh and reminded me what day it was🤣 The days all runs together being home all the time. I now send her this meme as text message on Wednesdays 🤣

So pardon me while I freak out bit…

I found out on a Zoom Meeting  today that I could be teleworking for a long time – longer than I even imagined. My company is planning a three phased approached to bringing employees back into the office after COVID. Since the work performance of my group has NOT been impacted by telework, they are putting us in the last of phase of employees to return to the office. Also, when we do return to the office, it will most likely be only a couple of days per week. Since there is no timeline yet, folks are guesstimating it could at least the end of summer maybe fall or longer. The plan will be impacted by amount of Covid testing in my geographical area and/or if a vaccine comes sooner.
freak out

While I consider myself extremely lucky to still be working and have a paycheck, it makes me sad. Being home alone isn’t good for me. Also, I am sad I won’t see my coworkers anymore. I won’t see anyone around the building. I used to like my drive home; I used it to decompress as I drove. I can’t meet my former coworkers for lunch in the cafeteria anymore. I have a whole closet of nice work clothes I can’t wear. I actually got dressed for my Zoom meeting today to make myself feel better and my khakis were loose :-). It felt good to wear make up today.

A plus of teleworking is that I have an ocean view. I can pace all day when I am on the phone everyday so I get my steps in. I have dropped a few pounds and I am eating healthier because I am home. I am also saving money because I don’t buy food out anymore much. I am watching my little plants go.  I had to bring them inside a few days ago because of the wind. In the big pots on the floor, are Spinach, Kale & Lettuce.  They are all sprouting babies 🙂 In the plants on the table are Parsley, Oregano, Thyme and Mint.  They are growing like crazy. I need to cut some actually. The large plant in the back is a Drawf Blueberry bush. It will be another year maybe because it blooms Blueberries.


I am very lucky and thankful – just freaked out about what the future looks like. Things will be better once my local area “opens back up” but I am now understating the impact.  It will never be the same, at least not in the near term,  and a lot of small businesses aren’t going to make through it. It makes me sad thinking that someone’s dream is dying. It’s so fucking sad. I am feeling their sadness. I do indeed give too many fucks sometimes. fucks

I am working to come to acceptance that changing jobs in the middle of pandemic probably isn’t a good idea. So, I am working toward making my current situation healthier for myself and planning to ride out the crazy job I have now until after the new year.

Yep, I feel like I just woke up to the magnitude of how my world will be changing and it’s freaking me out.
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