Self Care Sunday ~ A Coded Message


My perspective on love has changed over the years.  The younger unhealed version of myself expressed love almost as a  desperation; it was a bit clingy. It was focused on holding on too tight. It was possessive in fear of losing it. Fear based love isn’t really love at all; it’s attachment.  IN  recent years, I’ve learned to love everyone without attachments.

In recent years, I’ve challenged myself to grow through self reflection and focusing on LOVING  myself first.  In stripping away all of the bullshit I told myself over the years, I started to really see myself. Without turning away or finding a distraction, I looked at myself. I sat with myself. I was then able to see things that happened to me in my past where not my fault but I let them become my story. I owned them. I wore them. I became the victim to the limitations of the pain and fear of emotional intimacy.

I started telling myself, “YOU  are strong enough to change this now. It’s not too late.”  I cried for the life I never had. I wept for the years I lived in fear. I mourned for the heartache and abandonment of my young soul. I grieved for everything I lost.  I stopped telling myself bullshit. I accepted accountability and responsibility for owning something that wasn’t mine and started showing myself compassion, empathy and grace. I broke the cycle. I broke the cycle of fear. By letting myself go to the very bottom of my pain, I  SET  myself free. I broke the cycle of fear and pain in my life.

I’ve learned to love in separation. “I love  YOU” is eternal and limitless when a true connection exists between two people. This doesn’t just apply to romantic relationship but also between friends and family. Think of the friend who calls or texts you at the exact moment you are thinking of them. Remember how it feels to talk to an old friend after a long separation yet you feel as if it was just yesterday you were near them.  Love is eternal, limitless and  FREE. It is our minds that try  TO  restrict love and put judgments on it.

Can you  FIND  a few moments to sit with  YOURSELF?  Can you find healing  IN  letting  go of the story you told yourself before you were healed?  Can you feel  LOVE’S  warmth on your face in your heart?  Can you shine with me in love’s  REFLECTION?


I had the strangest dream last night or actually early this morning. I had a dream that someone was showing me how to write CODED messages in my blog posts. The voice was saying I would need to know how to deliver coded messages to people. It kind of freaked me out. I don’t know what that is about but the dream seemed VERY VERY real. I do consider myself as part of the “resistance” against current Administration. I am really hoping things don’t reach the point that I need to deliver coded messages to other members of the resistance 😳

I experimented with embedding a coded message for Blue Love in the first five paragraphs of this blog post. When arranged properly, the words form a Haiku.  It’s my Blue Love Haiku #15 💙


Find the BOLDED ITALICIZED WORDS  in the first five paragraphs of this post. Remember this code, I may use it again without providing any instructions 🤣

Hint:  There are 13 BOLDED ITALICIZED WORDS in this post.

Once you find all 13 words,  arrange them as a Haiku by putting them in sentences that are:

5 syllables in the first sentence
7 syllables in second sentence
5 syllables in the last sentence.

Have fun 💙 I’ll post Blue Love Haiku #15 later this week. Heres’ an example of how a Haiku is arranged for you to use as a guide:


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Everything is always working out for my highest good 💙🦋

Loving Kindness Prayer💙
May you be safe
May you be healthy
May you be happy
May you be loved

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