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It’s been a strange few days. I’ve been getting reminders throughout the day that have been centered around the word trust. Almost as if someone is asking me if I trust them or like God or the Universe is asking me to TRUST.

I was in Zoom meetings and telcons for just about seven hours today. It was a mentally exhausting day. During one of the phone calls,  I started to daydreaming a bit. I started thinking of BLUE LOVE💙 His birthday is coming up next week. I thought back to the same day a year ago. I remembered it was around that same time he announced the big change was making in his life. His announcement prompted me to wake up with my heart beating out my chest one morning.  Like seriously, I thought I was going explode🤣 I just had to confess to him – like he was my priest🤣 I had tell him my real feelings.  I spent so much of my life being afraid to show people who I really am. I’ve spent my whole life in protection mode and hiding my true feelings.  I just didn’t want to hide from him anymore 💙By 7:30am, I confessed to him and then I spent the rest of the day dizzy, nauseous and relieved 🤣

I have TRUST issues and fear of intimacy issues from traumas related to men. It’s kind of big deal for me to be that vulnerable with anyone.  Something changed that day. I changed that day.  I learned that day and every day since… that I am safe with him. My heart is safe with him 💙 I learned that day and every day since that my vulnerability and well-being are safe with BLUE LOVE.  Something about knowing I was safe to be vulnerable with him gave me the space to heal past traumas over the last year.  Knowing I was safe with him was a Catalyst for healing for me 💙

For some reason…something that deep came to my mind while I was daydreaming this morning.  Then I saw the number 1010 like five times in row; it was almost flashing.  I googled 1010 and this is what I found💙 A profoundly deep moment in the middle of a very long and tiring work day 🤣

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Everything is always working out for my highest good 💙🦋

Loving Kindness Prayer💙
May you be safe
May you be healthy
May you be happy
May you be loved

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