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As we all work towards acceptance that our normal is forever changed since Corona Virus, I am writing today about what’s changed in my life. How I am adapting. What I am choosing to let go and what I am embracing and enjoying.

What’s changed with me? I am on 100% maximum telework for the foreseeable future. In my current role, I can work from home without any impact to my responsibilities. I am allowed to go into the office to work occasionally, if I prefer, but I am not required. At first, I found this is bit stressful and isolating. I think that is because we were also under a Stay At Home Order. Since we have a little more freedom to move about, I’ve been enjoying working from home. I do MISS seeing folks in the building but not that much anymore🤣

I know a lot of folks who are teleworking are rolling out of bed and working in their pajamas – not me. I need a morning routine or I don’t feel settled. I still start work between 6:00am and 6:30am so I get out of bed around 5:30am and take a shower. If I have Zoom meetings, I pay a little more attention to hair and make-up. I put Morning Joe on @MSNBC on the TV, make coffee, water my plants and eat breakfast while I start reading/sending emails. It’s a routine. I need a routine to help manage anxiety.
morning routine

One thing that has changed with working from home is my work wardrobe. I wear sneakers most days now. Since my apartment is L shaped, I have plenty of space to pace 10,000 steps a day. So I wear sneakers with everything now. I have fashion sneakers, glitter sneaks, casual sneaks. I have sneaks I only wear indoors and sneaks I only wear when I am walking on the street. Sneakers are my new fashion statement. A blouse, ankle pixie khakis, capri jeans  or a casual skirt with sneakers is my new work outfit 😁 I love it ✌️I just bought these gems the other day. I can’t wait for them to arrive💙


Since I’ve been focusing on getting 10,000 steps in most days, I’ve changed my outside walk routine as well. My normal walks ranges between 2.5 and 4 miles. I will walk 6 to 8 miles if I am feeling good. Lately, I’ve been trying to increase the pace of my stride and get my heart rate up while walking outside. So, the first minute or two are a warm-up and then for next 30 minutes or so I power walk. After the 30 minutes of “exercise”, I slow down a bit and walk for enjoyment. The biggest new normal of my regular walks is — I always have a face mask with me now. I don’t wear it if no one is within 6FT of me but if I see folks coming near me on foot or on bike, I pull it up over my nose and mouth. It’s not hard. I consider it a sign of respect. It shows I care about them. I wish face masks were not politicized and I wish more folks thought about others more than being self indulgent😷Since it’s a holiday weekend and I live in a resort town, the social distance experiment will be interesting this week.  I will keeping my distance from the crowded spots.

social distance

I don’t know who needs to hear this but…Going to the beach, walking on the boardwalk, getting your hair cut, getting your nails done and going out to dinner are conveniences and luxuries of modern day living. They are not civil rights or liberties. When you are asked to wear a face mask, you are asked to do so to protect humanity. No one is violating your rights 🙄
civil rights civil liberties

There is a new normal in my job now too. I achieve two important milestone 4 months early because of a calculated risk I took when I met with a regulatory body.  They ended up giving  me approval to take a short cut on one milestone which to our surprise also eliminated the requirement of a second milestone too. BOOM 🤣 Everyone was excited and happy. So excited and happy that my GM called into a Zoom meeting without me and got herself committed to accelerating my schedule without talking to me first.  That’s when the fight broke out 🤣 She didn’t understand the concurrent activities 🙄 She’s new but I told YOU – I got zero fucks to give anymore…They put me in this role and gave me a seat at that table so they are gonna hear what I have to say 🤣I told her she should have left the schedule alone and just messaged that the team is hoping to complete the big milestone a month early unless we hit a snag.  It will gives a little wiggle room 🤣Well, my direct supervisor was the “referee” for most of this week 🤣 God bless him.  He works with mostly women who all have direct communication styles.  He calls himself the “token man” but actually he’s the referee🤣He probably deserves a combat medal 🤣 She admitted she should checked with me first before making the commitment but also worked her ass off this week to mitigate the impact. What she did will probably end up being a non-issue for me because something is held up in the approval cycle outside of our control.  If she would have talked to me, she would have known about that and not put everyone through the drama. She is new to this project. She’ll learn – eventually🤣

She and I are good now✌️We fought it out – with the help of our Referee 🤣So, this is the crazy part of our schedule which will continue until we release a public “Call for Proposals” at the end of the summer. I own every action until that happens but they now have been throwing bodies from organizations all over the “company” to help me in every possible way. The guy building the website says, “I have 20 emails from you before I even get in at 8:00am” 🤣 But the plus side is wear myself out by 3:30/4:00pm so no one ever gets a late day action from me.  I can’t even tell you how many new people I’ve met through Zoom meetings in the last few weeks.  So my new normal will be crazy for a while 🤣

The other good thing that happened this week in work is they confirmed a posting for someone to take over for me after my “start-up” actions are done should be going out soon. This means I will definitely move on to new role or project after my key milestones are done — sometime in Autumn. I am working with a local Director to identify opportunities but my current group said they already have something in mind for me when I finish this up. I just have buckle up and ride this crazy new normal out for a while.

Since my normal isn’t normal anymore, I am might as well tell you I haven’t been on a bike in years – I mean years.  It makes me a little nervous🤣The local bike rental shop in the next town over opened this weekend.  I am going to rent a bike one day to see if I want to buy one.  My building has a bike storage room so I won’t have too bring it up into my apartment.  I would like to ride the boardwalk end to end, AC to Ventnor, at sunrise one morning 😁🚴🏻‍♀️

What’s your new normal? Are you adjusting, changing your routine? If things are hard right now, remember:
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Loving Kindness Prayer💙
May you be safe
May you be healthy
May you be happy
May you be loved

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