Bad Days Happen

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I’ve been feeling a bit lonely lately.  It’s weird. I am generally a loner.  I like my own company.  I don’ t need a lot of social interaction.  Perhaps social distancing for Corona Virus and Teleworking Full time has led to too much alone time for me. I won’ t lie. I am little sad today.

I am just not sure what to do about it.  Normally I would reach out to friends to schedule dinner or drive up Philly to visit family when I’ve noticed I’ve been alone too much in the past.  In our current situation, I can’t do that.  I am hoping to be able to go up to Philly in a few weeks. In the meantime, I’ve been talking to folks on the phone or texting with people.

Perhaps having a super crazy job right now is a good thing. It keeps me busy on workdays.  I’ve been staying active and getting outside to walk but let me tell you… the whole face mask thing is driving me crazy.  It’s hard to breathe sometimes and it fogs up my glasses.  I have found masks with a metal or wire clip at the nose keep my glasses from steaming.  Sometimes I just stay home instead of dealing with it. I drove through downtown Atlantic City today and it was a ghost town on Memorial Day weekend.  It’s just sad.  Nothing feels right today and I am finding myself missing the people I love more today than any other day. I’m just not sure why I feel so blue today.

If you live alone and are spending too much time alone, consider reaching out to a friend or loved one today. Do something that makes you happy. Perhaps get some fresh air in a place where you can take the face mask off for while and just breathe fresh air. How are you coping?
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2 thoughts on “Bad Days Happen

  1. Nothing is the same anymore for me either. I spend almost as much time at home as I did BEFORE the virus. Yet, This forced isolation, because of the virus, is hard. We had planned a huge 6 week Cross Country Amtrak Trip April- June. Canceled. A dream vacation. A road trip for me. A chance, hopefully for my husband and I to reconnect again.
    Instead, I am HOME. I usually love my ALONE time. Really love it.


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