Solidarity Sunday ~ Campaign Zero

Campaign Zero

I am focus on demonstrating Solidarity with our black fellow Americans this Sunday. Therefore,  I switched from a Self Care Sunday post to a Solidarity Sunday.

This Sunday I am sharing information from Campaign Zero   As stated on their website, “Campaign Zero supports the analysis of policing practices across the country, research to identify effective solutions to end police violence, technical assistance to organizers leading police accountability campaigns and the development of model legislation and advocacy to end police violence nationwide.”

I learned about Campaign Zero while watching a virtual town hall hosted by the My Brother’s Keeper. President Obama spoke to the Nation during this town hall. Afterwards, there were speakers on the virtual Town Hall. One of the speakers  was from Campaign Zero and they spoke about the #8cantwait initiative. #8cantwait are 8 policies, when implemented together, are estimated to have potential to reduce police violence 72%.

While many in the Black Lives Matters movement, are pushing for defunding police departments to force restructuring, I don’ t completely understand the concept or how they plan to execute and implement that.  I am still educating myself. Here are articles on the topic. Essentially, they are asking to move financial resources from police departments to housing, health and community development. The assertion is police reforms haven’t worked because of the systemic cultural bias that already exists in many. police departments.  They also assert police departments have used their increased funding in recent years to pursue minor infractions and to buy equipment to become more militarized.   Honestly, watching the footage from the protests, it’s obvious there is culture of brutality.

Campaign Zero is offering #8cantwait as a stepping stone city’s can put in place immediately while the movement works toward long term complete restructuring.

If this post makes you angry, I encourage you to stop reading my blog now because I will be posting more on this topic in the future. If this post makes you uncomfortable, I encourage you to explore those feelings.  Ask yourself why you are uncomfortable.  I fully intend to be a smart educated open-minded ally for my black fellow Americans. However, that doesn’t mean I hate the police.  It means I believe there is a culture of violence in many police departments that have gone unchecked. Times up!

I encourage anyone reading this post to read one thing this week to open their awareness or take one action to stand in solidarity for change in 2020✊ If you want to watch this very enlightening documentary 13th on Netflix.

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