Bare ~ Blue Love Poetry


Bare ~ Blue Love Poetry
I share myself
With you
And allow you
To see me
See me In my nakedness

Please know
I’m not doing this
Only for
Your arousal
While your arousal
Is my pleasure
This act is for
The freedom Of my own soul
It wasn’t a choice
Made in haste
But a choice made
After thoughtful Contemplation
It’s a choice I made
So I could explore
My capacity
To trust once again
And set myself
Free from
The chains Of fear and anxiety

You’ve created
A safe environment
For me to
Explore a part Of myself
I closed off
A long time ago
You gave me Permission
To be authentic
And naked With you

Today I broke down
Another barrier
To growth and trust
Within myself
By being brave
Enough to share
This part of myself
With you

The true valor
Is revealed
In your ability
To hold the safe space
For my vulnerability
And your ability
To understand
The barriers
To trust
I overcame
In putting myself
In your hands
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Everything is always working out for my highest good

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