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A few weeks ago I had a phone call with a Functional Nutritionist. While on the call, he reviewed my most recent blood work. He noticed some numbers were a little off while still normal and told me it could suggest “early Osteoporosis” or Osteopenia. Since I am 53 years old. I am post menopausal and I broke a bone when I was 51 years old. He suggested I ask my General Practitioner for a Dexascan for a baseline. I had my Dexascan last week and this week I learned I do in fact have Osteopenia.

What is Osteopenia? Osteopenia means there is a loss of Bone Density; the bones are not as porous as they should be. However, the density isn’t low enough to be considered Osteoporosis. When my doctor called me with the results, she told me I was not a candidate for the medicine that is often used to treat Osteopenia. I have other complications including an arrhythmia and arthritis in my left jaw, both could be negatively impacted by the medicine. That means I will need to work to improve my Bone Destiny and reverse Osteopenia naturally.

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My doctor suggested I take Calcium with Vitamin D twice a day. She told me Weight Bearing exercise is an essential requirement for me to build Bone Destiny and suggested I use resistance bands instead of using any type of free weights. Additionally, I need to improve my posture and balance to prevent falls. I can use Yoga and Tai Chi poses for that. Lastly, she suggested I may want to have a session with a personal trainer to develop a home based training program because I should not be joining or going to a gym due to COVID pandemic. I reached out to a personal trainer over the weekend. We are coordinating schedules for private sessions in my home.

Since receiving the diagnosis, I’ve doing some research and coming up with a game plan. I am already naturally active. I am walker. I distance walk a few times a week and get 10,000 steps per day.  Since Friday, in three days, I walked 43,000 steps.  I enjoy walking but it’s not enough. I need the weight bearing, resistance, posture and balance work.

I am sharing this information in case anyone else needs it.  If you over 50, you may want to bump up your calcium and get some weight bearing exercise before you lose Bone Density too 🙂


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