Self Care Sunday – Poetry


Moan ~ Blue Love Poetry
Rolling slowly
Off my lips
Is your name
In a low hush
While I moan
Your name
In response
To the thought
Of you
Under my fingers
Your face
Arouses me
Moving my hips
Your name
I say quietly
Yet passionately
Aroused by
The thought of you
Aroused by
The sound
Of you
I Moan
Your Name
I succumb
To calling
Of my body
Wanting you
Under my fingers
I think of you
From a distance
Passion breathes
Your name
I orgasm
While I moan
Your name
I want you more
Today than yesterday
The words
I speak
Reveal my desire
With wanting you
To touch me
And feel
The fire
You ignite
Let me
My desire
In your ear
Please may I
Lick your lips
With my tongue
May I
I taste your mouth
Sweet like honey
While I
Your Name
Taste me
Feel me
Let yourself go
While I moan
Your name
While I moan
Your name
My body
Releases to the
Power of my touch
While I moan
Your name
In this poem
I write for you
I moan
Your name
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NOTE:  I’ve been doing A LOT of writing and editing for work these days and also working a lot due to deadlines.  This is leaving me with zero energy to write my blog this week.  Self Care this Sunday is taking the week off from writing this blog by reposting  a poem I wrote for Blue Love 💙

Everything is always working out for my highest good

💙🦋 Loving Kindness Prayer💙
May you be safe
May you be healthy
May you be happy
May you be loved

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Dream in hot night | Sergey Ignatenko | Belarusian Figurative painter

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