Self Care Sunday ~ Nature

Estelle Manor, New Jersey

I woke up this morning needing trees. I wanted to be in the woods and breathe in fresh oxygen with the trees.

Living on the beach in a resort town, there really isn’t anywhere in my immediate location for oxygen or silence on Labor Day Weekend. So I drove out to one of my favorite spots, Estelle Manor Park in Atlantic County, New Jersey. I love Estelle Manor because not only does it have trails like above but it also several boardwalks like below.

Estelle Manor, New Jersey

The trails lead to a lake. I never made it to the lake today because I got nervous walking deep into the woods alone. I usually walk the trails with a friend but she’s back to work in the hospitality industry and it’s not really safe for her to be around me. I also was wearing a golf skort. It’s really best to wear long pants in those woods just in case of ticks. While I didn’t make it to the Estelle Manor Lake today, below is a photo I took the last time I was there.

Estelle Manor, New Jersey

I enjoyed the peacefulness out there. I am also hoping to find a friend who likes to walk in woods. I think we can walk and still be socially distant.

As for the rest of the weekend, I’ve been pretty busy. I needed two clean and reorganize my apartment a bit. I was feeling some anxiety and needed to burn off some energy so keeping busy was good for me the last few days. Hopefully, by tomorrow I’ll be able to settle down with at least one of my new books.

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