Self Care Sunday ~ Hugs and COVID

For some reason, this meme really struck me. I think it resonated with me because lately I’ve been feeling isolated due to COVID social distancing. I’m considered “vulnerable” due to a congenital arrhythmia so I now have anxiety being close to a lot of folks. I haven’t been socializing much lately.

It’s been getting to me lately. Don’t get me wrong… I am self-sufficient. I can support myself. I am essentially healthy and strong but I am still vulnerable to the Corona Virus. What’s even more frustrating is that I don’t have complete control over it. Yes, I am teleworking. Yes, I avoid crowds. Yes, I am social distancing and taking care of myself to stay healthy. But, I miss going to restaurants with friends and feeling safe being there. I miss going to work and seeing coworkers in person. I miss life as it was last year.

It’s also hard because I have to rely on others to take care of me in this situation. I am relying on others to stay home when they are sick. I am relying on others to wear masks. I am relying on others respect my social distance. I am also nervous about getting the flu shot. The last time I had the flu was eight years ago when I actually got the flu shot. Below is a snapshot of the differences between the Coronavirus, Cold and Flu. Maybe screenshot it so you have it for this winter.

New studies are showing Vitamin D is excellent in helping to prevent and treat Corona Virus. Get your Vitamin D levels checked and supplement if needed. The higher the level while still in the normal range is optimal for protection. For example, normal is 30 to 100. My doctor told me 75 is optimal. My level is currently 35. My doctor told me to take 5,000 Vitamin D for a month and then go down to 2,000 every day for maintenance.

I am tired this Sunday. I am may not be doing much but I also have a major milestone due at work this coming week so I’ve been working overtime. I worked half a day Friday even though I was off. I worked a half day Saturday and I may have to work later this afternoon. For now, I am sitting in bed writing this blog and sipping coffee while I try to decide if I feel like doing anything else today 😄

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