Self Care Sunday ~ Just Breathe


I’ve been fairly silent on this blog for the last few weeks. Life has gotten in the way of me finding the words and time to write.

First, my current full time job has me working through a few critical action items. I’ve worked a few hours most weekends. My current job involves writing and editing two 30 page documents. By the time I get done having them peer reviewed through multi levels of management, I have no words left to write. The good news is I am changing jobs. Hopefully, by the New Year I’ll have more balance in my work life and will be able to enjoy writing for enjoyment again.

I am buying a condo. It’s my first time going through that process. It’s very exciting. A lot of my free time lately has been figuring out decorating, painting ideas as well as working on my moving to do lists. I hope once things settle down after the new year, I’ll have more time for writing.

Today is Sunday and I am taking the day to “just breathe”. I spent four hours in bed this morning catching up on “This Is Us”. I made gluten free protein pancakes for breakfast and I plan to do nothing but binge watch TV and watch the Eagles game. My brain and body are going to be offline for rest for the whole the day.

I hope you are all enjoying your Sunday and are taking care of yourself today.


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