Affirmations Challenge



Dreams do come true ✨

I grew up in Philly and visited the South Jersey shore every summer. I always had a dream of living on the beach & seeing the ocean every day. Years past, I shared summer homes with friends and eventually moved to the South Jersey Shore in 1994.

After 20 years of living at the shore, I rented a beach front condo in 2014. I thought I had my dream but God had more planned for me. Today I am sharing that I bought an ocean front condo in December and have been living in it since January. It took 27 years but I finally bought my dream and am living in my beach front condo. 

I have used this affirmation for over 13 years – I AM happy & grateful now that I own a oceanfront home. Affirmations work. I also learned:

✨Good things often take a long time

✨Enjoy the process of growth; don’t race until to the end

✨Do things when you are ready and comfortable

✨Listen to your instincts & trust your gut instead seeking advice outside of yourself

✨Believe you deserve what you want

✨Leave the past behind

✨Today, the present, is really all we have. Enjoy today✨

The above photo is the view from my living room & bedroom windows; both rooms are Oceanview ✨😊

Everything is always working out for my highest good✨

Be well. I hope your dreams come true too✨


“I AM happy and grateful now that…(fill in the blank with a wish)”

Say your affirmation every day ✨Make it true ✨

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