About Me

I am a passionate woman and I am passionate about writing and art.I love to write poetry. Poetry is my first love. The written word moves me and stirs my deepest longings to rise to the surface. My favorite genre is non-Rhyming Lyric poetry, love and erotica. Words of love and sex pour out of my soul into words for you to read. I also enjoy writing short stories & personal growth essays based upon real life experiences.

I am a certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach. I graduate in May 2018. I believe in living holistically, caring for the mind, body and spirit. I also believe in eating organically and using food as medicine. I will be transitioning this site to be my Health Coaching site over the next few months. Highest Good Holistic Health Coaching, LLC will be offering life coaching and guidance on living holistic live pursuing your highest good.

As for the rest of my passions, I love Art. “Blue Love” is my first original watercolor💙I love books and reading. I enjoy photography & cooking.  I’m a flexible Yogini. I collect crystals. I meditate. I believe in the Law Of Attraction. I am also a student and aspring teacher of “A Course In Miracles” 💙

I believe people need to walk their own path even if it means they walk alone at times. Living authentically is essential for my spiritual growth. I believe in the healing powers of peace, love, happiness & a strong cup of coffee. Most importantly, I believe…

Life is best when lived passionately…

If you would like to explore Life Coaching or have questions about Holistic Wellness, please contact:


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