Feel Your Energy


Have you ever felt energy between your hands? Have you touched your Prana and physically felt your lifeforce?

I been working on Energy Attunenents lately with Yogi Shanti Desai. I now can feel the energy passing between my hands. When I give a Reiki session, my hands get super hot from the energy passing through me. It feels amazing to actually feel the energy between your hands. I’ve also been working on feeling and recognizing the energy of those around me. Allowing the good in and blocking the negative out.

I met Yogi Desai over ten years ago and recently started studying with him again. I am truly learning how to harness my spiritual energy so I can live my best life. If you would like to read more about Yogi Desai, please visit his website.

Experience Energy for yourself. Follow the below simple directions from Yogi Shanti Desai’s book, “Wisdom For Living.”

Sit comfortably with your eyes closed. Interlock your fingers and stretch arms upward feeling the stretch in the back.

Release the hands and observe the gravity bringing the arms down while you remain witness. Do not try to resist or force your arms down.

When the arms come down, feel the energy build up in the palms. When the arms are shoulder height, face your palms towards each other and move them slowly together.

Feel the attraction of the palms towards each other.

Surrender and allow the energy to take over the movements.

When the palms touch each other, rub them and apply palming to face, forehead, head, neck and ears.(p.189-190)

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Yoga Retreat Weekend at Kripalu Recap


It’s 7:30pm on Sunday night and I am sitting on the sofa with my feet up writing this blog. Whew! What a weekend.

Here’s the recap of my Friday to Sunday Yoga Retreat at Kripalu in the Berkshire Mountains in Western Massachusetts. 

10 hours driving
Alot of driving but I didn’t need to use my GPS. I knew the way by heart:-)

6 Yoga classes
Including 2 Gentle,  Yin, Moderate and Vigorous.

5 mile moderate hike
Up and down the mountain and also took a break Lakeside

1 nap on a bench under a tree ( I was tired after hiking)

1 Guided meditation that also included a nap. Lol:-)

Every muscle is sore in a good way

One connection made with a Yoga teacher I admire. That was cool:-)

I ate all of my meals in the Silent Dining room and chose to keep this time to myself.

The best part of the trip for me happened when I got home. I feel the same peace at home that I felt at Kripalu. I didn’t have to go away to find peace and happiness. It already lives within me. Isn’t that what “living ” your yoga is all about? Finding peace within!







Listen To Your Body


Yoga is all about listening to your body. Sadly, my body was giving me cues all week long that I was really sick and I ignored them. I couldn’t sleep all week because I felt feverish. But i didn’t care about a fever. I was going on a yoga retreat at my beloved Kripalu Center.

I ended up in Urgent Care on Saturday with a what the Doctor called a “mean sinus and throat infection.” He said my throat was on fire. I picked up my antibiotics and ran around like a lunatic for hours getting stuff done before I left. Who needed rest? Not me!

Well, I got to Kripalu a hot mess today. While asking them where to find Gatorade nearby as the cafe didn’t sell it, the front desk manager told me I really shouldn’t be doing yoga as sick as I was. They then offered me a full credit if I wanted to leave in the morning and come back when I am 100%.

So, I am lying in bed feeling like crap at Kripalu. I am leaving to go home at the crack of dawn. I will then check myself into my own bed for a couple days to rest and recover properly. My body needed sleep and rest this week not stress and yoga.

The bright side is they gave me a full credit. And, I can combined my furlough day, rotating day off and maybe come back next month. I will enjoy it then and be able to enjoy my body 100%.

Now, I’m sick, anxious and can’t sleep. Can’t wait to get home.

The lesson in this is my body was telling me it needed sleep and rest. Instead I resisted and pushed. I must remember to listen to my body and always follow my instincts. It was telling me to reschedule all week long.

At least I got a great picture of the mountain while I was here.

Kripalu in March, Furloughed In April, What’s Up For May?

ripalu 3Life is truly about adapting to change and learning to focus on the blessings instead of the challenges.

Yesterday I received official notice that I am being furloughed 88 hours between April 7th and September 30th due to Sequestration budget cuts. I will have to take one day off a pay period without pay which is a 10% paycut for the next eleven pay periods or until the end of the budget year. While this is stressful and makes me disheartened that our government is so dysfunctional that our Congress did not do their job to pass a budget, I am focusing on the blessing that it could have been worse. The Department of Defense furloughed employees 22 days (20% paycut) and the Department of Labor furloughed their employees 3 days a pay period (30% paycut). I was grateful to learn our furlough would only be 11 days.

I’ve been saving to go on a Yoga Retreat to Kripalu Center http://www.kripalu.orgin Berkshires, MASS for my birthday the week of March 21st. I held off booking this trip until I knew for sure how long I would be furloughed. If I was furloughed more than 11 days, I would not take the trip. However, now that I know my furlough is only 11 days, I called this morning to book my trip from March 19th to 22nd; I was disappointed. They don’t have any private rooms available for that date. I waited too long to book.  As I am going alone, I am not interested in rooming with a stranger for three nights. I was very sad. I worked hard for this trip this year. My body has changed and I’ve been looking forward to this trip for months. It was then I asked the representative if the following week was available. And, Yes, it was. So, I booked my trip Sunday, March 24th to Wednesday, March 27th. I won’t be there on my actual birthday because I waited too long to book but I will be there just a few days later. I will however call back before March 11th and see if they have cancellation for the prior week. While I am disappointed I will not be at Kripalu the week of my birthday, I am still very grateful I can still go on my Yoga Retreat this year and I will still be there in March:-)

Kripalu in March. Furlough starts in April. What’s up for May?

Below are pictures I took at Kripalu when I was there last year.

The Bikram Yoga Challenge


I started taking Bikram Yoga four weeks ago. Bikram Yoga is a series of 26 poses and two breathing exercises done in the same order in a room heated to 105 degrees. The heat is to help detoxification and it helps to loosen the muscles to make them more flexible.

As I am an experienced yogini and I am pretty flexible, Bikram has come fairly easily to me. But, sometimes the body just doesn’t coöperate. Every day is different in Yoga. Some days I am super flexible while others I am tight. It’s all about self acceptance and awareness. If you fall out of a pose, start over. If you can’t reach your toes, aim for your shins. If you can’t balance on the right leg, maybe you will be able to balance on the left leg. And, if you are really struggling, slow down and only do as much as your body will let you do in that moment. Yoga is very forgiving.

Last night was a tough night on the mat for me. I was tired, cold and my muscles were sore before I even walked into the class. But, I went to class anyway because none of my excuses were good enough for me to skip it. For the first time since starting Bikram, I struggled through my whole practice last night. I just couldn’t get into my body. I wasn’t making the mind body connection. About half way through it I realized I was trying too hard and I just relaxed a bit. I stopped competing with myself and started nurturing myself. I slowed down. I didn’t keep the long holds. I didn’t push myself to my edge. I just allowed myself to be exactly where I was. I stayed in the moment. Instead of getting frustrated with myself or my body I just went with the flow and did what I could. Changing my thinking helped me redirect my energies and get more out of the practice. It also built up some endurance in me. I stuck it out and kept trying. That is a life lesson. We all need to nurture ourselves more. We all need to change our thinking once in a while and give ourselves a break. We all need to stick it out and build up endurance. The key to endurance is really in the mind not the body. The mind can push the body past its self-imposed limits.

The nice thing about Bikram is that it is the same 26 Poses each time so you can see and feel your progress. While practice was challenging for me last night, I did notice major improvements in my Balance and Back Bending poses. That made the 90 minutes in 105 degrees and sore muscles today worth it:-)

While Kripalu Yoga is my favorite style of Yoga, all Yoga is good Yoga. But, I must say I do love the sweat of Bikram and I enjoy Warm/Hot Vinyasa(flow yoga)  as well. I always feel like I sweat something out of me when I leave class. It feels cleansing.

Bikram Yoga is teaching me that even at 45 years old it’s not too late to challenge myself and start over.