Self Care Sunday – I am Proud Of My Mexican Roots

Frida Kahlo Art

Roots by Mexican Artist, Frida Kahlo. I love Frida’s work.

I am a descendant of an Mexican Immigrant. This post is Immigration story, my heritage. I am proud of it and I don’t really give a crap if I lose readers who have aligned themselves with hate by posting this story.

Margaurita Villa Reale was my great grandmother. She was Native American Mexican with her roots starting as Castillian Spanish from Iberia in the 1800s. John Long, my great grandfather, was Irish and a career Army Texas Ranger. John grew up Louisiana but was stationed in San Antonio, Texas on the boarder of Mexico. Marguarita and John married. When they married, they changed Marguarita’s name so she sounded American instead of Mexican. She is known as Maggie on all the Census records. My grandfather, their first child, was born in San Antonio. My grandfather’s name was Napolean, known as Nap by friends. John was later transferred to an Army base in Georgia; he and Margaurita had six more children after my grandfather.

Navy photos

My grandfather, in the middle, with his Navy buddies.

Nap ran away and tried to join the Army when he was 13 years old. His mother had to go pick him up. Nap later ran away again when he was 16 years old and joined the Navy. They kept him. Nap traveled the world on ships. I have posts and photos from his journey preserved in a photo album. Nap was stationed at the Philadelphia Navy Yard in the 1920s where he met my Grandmother, Anna, at the USO. They married and Anna moved with him to Norfolk, VA where my Father was born.

post card from Navy in 1920

Nap retired from the Navy with 30 years of service. He and Anna moved back to Philadelphia with their five children to be near Anna’s family. Nap’s second career was as a prison guard at Eastern State Penitentiary in the Fairmount Section of Philadelphia. Eastern State has been closed for years. It’s a museum and historic site now. Most famous for housing Al Capone. Since my family is considered Alumni at ESP, we were given a private tour a few years ago. It totally creeped all of us out. It’s tourist destination and during Halloween they do a hell of a haunted house in the prison. If you never been there, check it out if you are in Philly.

Nap passed away suddenly in his early 50s with a massive heart attack. My father died suddenly with a massive heart attack 20 years later when he was 41 years old. The first photo is an older Nap and the second photo is my dad when he was in early 20s.



Margaurita and Nap had seven children. I do not know anyone from the extended family. However, my grandfather, their eldest child, had five children with 17 grandchildren and one son who died in the battle for Normandy Beach in France during WWII. My Aunt told me my grandfather wasn’t the same man after his son died in battle.


I am the youngest of five children and the only one with dark features. My Aunt always told me I favored Margaurita. I am proud of that. Look at this photo, while not the best quality, I am sure you can see a little hispanic/latina in me. I am proud of my heritage ✊


Yes, the current climate in the United States towards hispanic and latinos hurts my heart because of my heritage – distant but still in my roots. In the United States, we are all immigrants. We all have roots in other nations. Why are Western European White immigrants better than those from brown countries. It’s breaks my heart. While I don’t believe in open borders and do not Condon illegal immigration, I also do not support the hate speech rhetoric and policies of the GOP.

On another self care topic, I heard friends (Barbara & Ray) who moved to Florida were going to be at the Laguna Beach Bar in Brigantine this afternoon. My tummy hasn’t been feeling great lately but it does seem to be settling down so I went over to Laguna and surprised them 😄It was fun. I sat outside with them for a few hours and listened to music and drinking a Ginger Ale.  Here why it was so special.  Barbara and were extremely close friends.  We were Thelma and Louise for long time. Believe me, we got into A LOT of mischief together – usually with alcohol 🤣 We had falling out a few years back. Our lives were just going different directions. Barb and her husband moved to Florida two years ago.  Barbara and I never got a chance to reconnect before they left.  I work with a mutual friend who told me earlier this week they were home and would be at Laguna this afternoon if I wanted to see her.  I decided it was time to put the past behind us.  I drove over around 2pm and surprised them.  Well, it was a wonderful reunion. Barb and I could not stop hugging each other. We decided to just move on and not even talk about what happened in the past. We decided to leave the past in the past and just start a new phase of our relationship.  I cried at least once.  She was hugging me so tight while telling everyone “My Linda Love Me Long Time” is back in my life 🤣💙 It was a great afternoon 🥰 By the way, I haven’t been in Brigantine in a long time. I like it over them.  I could see myself living in a little house over there with a rescued pitbull 😉

Please help me shift the energy in our Nation from hate to love but joining me in the Loving Kindness prayer for all beings to end this hate speech and violence that has taken over the nation. If you feel you need to stop reading this blog because you disagree with me, go in peace ✌️I understand.

Metta Prayer
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Everything is always working out for my highest good💙🦋

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Loving Kindness Prayer
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May you be healthy
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