Grace of God Prayer


I was in Philly with family for Christmas. I decided to come home a day early because everyone was working today and my Mom was tired from yesterday. No reason to stay another day.

As I was driving east on a local road, traffic started slowing down and moving to the right. I could see ambulances and fire trucks. As I got closer, I realized it was a horrific accident. Both southbound lanes were blocked but cops were direction traffic to use the right exit lane to keep traffic moving. By the time I passed it, I was about five feet from the truck laying on its side in the below photo which I screenshot from @AtanticCity911 Twitter’s account.
Screen Shot 2019-12-26 at 3.45.08 PM

What you can’t see in the photo was a small grey car pinned under truck. The truck must have been carrying dirt or maybe they put dirt down. There was dirt everywhere. First Responders had the a Tarp over the part of the truck and car. There were over 10 people with tools working on the car and under the tarp to free someone from the car. I also saw the First Responders move someone from the scene to grass on the other side. The person was laying in the grass talking on a cell phone and crying.

My stomach started turning. Tears started running down my face and I just started praying. I said every prayer I could think of for the folks in the accident. I also prayed for the First Responders. Actually most First Responders in this area are volunteers. They save lives and witness scenes like this without pay and on their own time.

Witnessing this really shook me up. I was actually crying and shaking as I continued to drive. I was thinking back to a few years ago when I had a near miss accident in the same exact intersection. When driving south on this road, you can build up speed. This intersection comes after a slight bend. If you are really flying, it’s hard to stop. It almost happened to me a few years ago and that’s why I always slow down around the section of that the road. I also know I’ve been a bit emotional as I am waiting on biopsy results. I guess my emotions are just raw. I didn’t even bother stopping at the store after that.

Here’s the article about the accident. Amazing the guy in the car is even alive. The First Responders somehow got him out…Like I said, I was directed to drive on the right hand off lane and was only a few feet from the crash while they were working to free the small grey car.

I am sharing this post express deep empathy for the folks involved in the accident and for the First Responders.

I say a prayer to ArchMichael as soon as I start my car – every time I drive! I’d like express my deep gratitude to him & my Angels for protecting me while I am on the roads🙏

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Everything is always working out for my highest good 💙🦋

Loving Kindness Prayer💙
May you be safe
May you be healthy
May you be happy
May you be loved

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Self Care Sunday – Love is the answer

Love is the answer Einstein

Shine Your Love
Dear God
I ask
For the light
Of your love
To shine down
On the Universe
And fill
The hearts of men
With goodwill
And kindness
Shine your love

I ask
For common ground
Between adversaries
To be found
To end conflict
I ask for
Protection of
Our Nation
From our aggressors
I ask for you
To help us find peace
Shine your love

Holy Spirit
Use me
Use me
To spread your light
Fill me
With your love
And I will
Shine it
From my
Soul into the world
I ask you
To heal
The world
Shine your love
through me
Shine your love

Dear God
Shine your love
Into the world
And provide
Comfort to those
Who are suffering
Shelter and food to those
Who are in need
To those
Who are still spiritually asleep
And humility
To those who
Are driven by their egos
Shine your love
Shine your love

Only love
Can heal the world
Shine your love God
Heal the world

Other than normal Holiday stress, the government shutdown and politics in general are weighing heavy on my mind this weekend. With so much heartache and stress in the world, I wrote this poem for love and healing to counterpunch the negative energy with loving energy. I believe it is only love that can heal the world. Love is the answer. I even hit POTUS with the Loving Kindness Prayer today hoping to put a little love in the Grinch’s heart 😂

So I searched on “Love is the answer” to use for a graphic for this post. I found hundreds of variations of the above image of Albert Einstein. It looked cool so I chose it but I am still not sure if it’s actual artwork or he actually said it 😉

I’ve said a special prayer for my family this year. My family has had long standing family feud going on. It’s made the holidays especially stressful the last few years. I walked out of Christmas dinner in tears last year after only one hour and drove 90 minutes back home because it was just absolute chaos. I made it clear to everyone that I wasn’t putting myself through it again. My sister volunteered to have an alcohol-free Christmas Brunch for everyone at her house. Her house is neutral territory. So far everyone is attending. I am hoping things go well. My mom has been a bit fragile lately; I am not sure either one of us could handle the stress this year.

My vacation was scheduled for December 21st to January 2nd. Well, it’s turning into a last minute unpaid forced “vacation”. I am lucky though. I got a call today letting me know the way I am funded was changed so my furlough doesnt start until Thursday. I asked them to double check that to be sure it’s right. Optimistically, it could end December 27th when Congress comes back into Session but I actually think it will go until at least January 3rd when Democrats take the House & Trump has an “Out” to cave. While it stresses me out, I should be able to manage as long as it doesn’t go on for too far into January. There are others who are worst off and I hope for everyone’s sake this resolved sooner than later. I am honestly against any “wall” along our southern border; I view a “wall” as a racist expression to keep brown people out. Also, there are technological ways they can secure the border (Drones, etc.) that would be more efficient than an medieval wall. My boss said to me the other day, “If you build an 11 foot wall, they will build a 12 foot ladder!” With that said, I could see Democrats digging in and waiting it out until January 3rd.

As for me personally, I believe in putting human beings and kindness above politics. I would like to see a compromise to resolve this next week so folks who live paycheck to paycheck and those who are collateral damage in this standoff aren’t completely stressed out the entire holiday season. Many just spent money for Christmas presents and some folks in contractor positions won’t get back pay. While there’s no guarantee I will either, I strongly suspect I will. I believe people should come first; politics second.

I just finished my Christmas shopping yesterday. I used my credit card so I could conserve the cash I have just in case I miss a paycheck. I also told my mom her annual Christmas bonus ($$$) 😂 will be a little late this year. I need to hold onto to cash until I know for sure when I am going back to work. I am leaving for Philly on Monday. I am baking and cooking with my mom on Christmas Eve. My sister is having Christmas Brunch and then I am bringing my three nieces (14, 13 and 9) down to my house overnight Wednesday to Thursday. We are going to a movie matinee and dinner. Then they will open their presents at my house and I am taking them to Cereal Town in the Ocean Casino for breakfast on Thursday before driving them home. I am scaling back on all of my other plans to conserve cash since I don’t know how long I’ll be out of work. I am playing everything else by ear. I’ll need to adjust plans according to finances and my energy levels.

ACTION: This week’s action is to put a little love in the world 💙 Say the below Loving Kindness prayer for healing in our world. Do something good for another human being. Send loving kindness to a friend. Do something good for a stranger. Help me turn the tide in the Universe. Let’s help good triumph over evil.

Loving Kindness Prayer
May you be safe
May you be healthy
May you be happy
May you be loved

Love is my vibration

Everything is always working out for my highest good 💙🦋

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