Self Care Sunday – ArchAngel Michael Protect Us

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I started writing today’s Self Care Sunday post two different times on different topics. Sometimes that how writing is. Sometimes words flow effortlessly and other times you just have to keep writing garbage you find a thread you want to follow. Today’s post contains snippets of three different topics and a prayer to ArchAngel Michael for protection.

My first attempt to write this blog was about my Mom and aging. She will be 80 in May. My mom and I are very close. My mom is feisty and still has all of her marbles. Heck, she might have some of my marbles too 😂 Her mind is strong but her physical body is slowing her down. My mom and I have always had a combative relationship. We are the best friends who argue and tell each other the brutal truth. We use curse words with each other. We are fighting one minute and laughing the next minute about how ridiculous we are. We usually end most phone call by saying “I love you”. It’s been this way my entire life. She says I came out self-sufficient and haven’t needed her since I was a toddler 😂

My mom is a drama queen. I’ve tried to be more patient and tolerant of her daily dramas recently but she really can push the envelope. She called me yesterday in full meltdown about nothing and I stopped her in her tracks by saying, “I kinda have my own little drama going on lately so we aren’t doing yours today. Got it?” She started laughing and said, “Got it!” And then she moved onto another topic. The one self care tactic I’ve learned to use in my relationship with my mom is unapologetic enforcement of my personal boundaries. It took a while for her to “get the picture” but now she knows when she’s getting close to my line. In return, I am working on being more patient with her while also telling her I love her regularly so she knows how I really feel about her. My heart is full of love and I want to be sure to share it with my mom💙

51 & Still Sexy
My next attempt to write this blog about was aging myself and Menopause. Yep, I am like most 50 year old women. I having hot flashes, night sweats, not sleeping great. I have to keep strict control over my calories and exercise every day to fight off the menopause weight gain and some days it starts to affect how I feel about myself. It all sucks. I’ve always been attractive and most men have thought of me as sexy. Some days I worry if that will still be true as I get older —— It’s hard for women as we age. People judge us by how we look. I haven’t been feeling my normal sexiness lately and it wasn’t until Saturday that I realized why my sparkle is feeling less sparkley lately. It’s because I haven’t been working. I haven’t been getting dressed up in skirts and high heels, putting on make-up and lipstick on and styling my hair lately. I’ve been wearing yoga clothes with my hair pulled back for two damn weeks. A lot of folks I work with do not get dressed for work; they dress casual or wear jeans. I get dressed up and do my make-up because it makes me feel good and it makes me feel sexy. I like when men notice me. Sometimes feeling good is about looking good. At least for me it is…I wonder if men realize how hard women are on themselves. I also think I’ve been less frisky because I haven’t been around Blue Love enough lately to enjoy the spark of our eyes locking. I love the way I feel when that happens. We must have quality eye contact soon 😉💙😘

Good Men Quote Edmund Burke

So I can’t honestly say this week’s Self Care Sunday post has any great morsels of Self Care wisdom. Just some week’s it’s enough to keep your head above water and have faith that good always triumphs over evil.

Action: Prayer to ArchAngel Michael

ArchAngel Michael is the ArchAngel of protection. He is closely associated with law enforcement. When you need protection, pray to ArchAngel Michael. His spirit and energy can be in all places at all times. Josie Grouse,, teaches that signs of ArchAngel Michael being nearby or hearing your prayers are 7s, 911, law enforcement, the name “Michael” and symbols of protection like swords or crosses. This week’s action is to start calling on ArchAngel Michael for protection. He is available to you at all times. There are many prayers to ArchAngel Michael to you by doing a simple google search.

Please Join me in saying a prayer for protection of our Nation:

Archangel Micheal
Protector and
Guardian Angel
I call upon you
To protect
The innocent
And bring
The evil to justice
Please protect
Our Nation
From malicious actors
And help
Good men
Find the courage
To rise up
To defeat evil

Archangel Michael
I ask for your protection
From negative forces
Allow the love
In my heart to
Be a source of light
For the rest of world
Allow my light
To heal their darkness
Allow my love
To fill their hearts
Use me Archangel Michael
Use me to heal the world

ArchAngel Michael Prayer

ArchAngel Michael Prayer

Remember to put a little love in the world and say the Loving Kindness Prayer for someone special. I often like to say it for special people in my life as well for groups such as my family, friends, coworkers and all beings.

Loving Kindness Prayer💙
May you be safe
May you be healthy
May you be happy
May you be loved

I claim love as my vibration for 2019.

Everything is always working out for my highest good 💙🦋

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Self Care Sunday – Love is the answer

Love is the answer Einstein

Shine Your Love
Dear God
I ask
For the light
Of your love
To shine down
On the Universe
And fill
The hearts of men
With goodwill
And kindness
Shine your love

I ask
For common ground
Between adversaries
To be found
To end conflict
I ask for
Protection of
Our Nation
From our aggressors
I ask for you
To help us find peace
Shine your love

Holy Spirit
Use me
Use me
To spread your light
Fill me
With your love
And I will
Shine it
From my
Soul into the world
I ask you
To heal
The world
Shine your love
through me
Shine your love

Dear God
Shine your love
Into the world
And provide
Comfort to those
Who are suffering
Shelter and food to those
Who are in need
To those
Who are still spiritually asleep
And humility
To those who
Are driven by their egos
Shine your love
Shine your love

Only love
Can heal the world
Shine your love God
Heal the world

Other than normal Holiday stress, the government shutdown and politics in general are weighing heavy on my mind this weekend. With so much heartache and stress in the world, I wrote this poem for love and healing to counterpunch the negative energy with loving energy. I believe it is only love that can heal the world. Love is the answer. I even hit POTUS with the Loving Kindness Prayer today hoping to put a little love in the Grinch’s heart 😂

So I searched on “Love is the answer” to use for a graphic for this post. I found hundreds of variations of the above image of Albert Einstein. It looked cool so I chose it but I am still not sure if it’s actual artwork or he actually said it 😉

I’ve said a special prayer for my family this year. My family has had long standing family feud going on. It’s made the holidays especially stressful the last few years. I walked out of Christmas dinner in tears last year after only one hour and drove 90 minutes back home because it was just absolute chaos. I made it clear to everyone that I wasn’t putting myself through it again. My sister volunteered to have an alcohol-free Christmas Brunch for everyone at her house. Her house is neutral territory. So far everyone is attending. I am hoping things go well. My mom has been a bit fragile lately; I am not sure either one of us could handle the stress this year.

My vacation was scheduled for December 21st to January 2nd. Well, it’s turning into a last minute unpaid forced “vacation”. I am lucky though. I got a call today letting me know the way I am funded was changed so my furlough doesnt start until Thursday. I asked them to double check that to be sure it’s right. Optimistically, it could end December 27th when Congress comes back into Session but I actually think it will go until at least January 3rd when Democrats take the House & Trump has an “Out” to cave. While it stresses me out, I should be able to manage as long as it doesn’t go on for too far into January. There are others who are worst off and I hope for everyone’s sake this resolved sooner than later. I am honestly against any “wall” along our southern border; I view a “wall” as a racist expression to keep brown people out. Also, there are technological ways they can secure the border (Drones, etc.) that would be more efficient than an medieval wall. My boss said to me the other day, “If you build an 11 foot wall, they will build a 12 foot ladder!” With that said, I could see Democrats digging in and waiting it out until January 3rd.

As for me personally, I believe in putting human beings and kindness above politics. I would like to see a compromise to resolve this next week so folks who live paycheck to paycheck and those who are collateral damage in this standoff aren’t completely stressed out the entire holiday season. Many just spent money for Christmas presents and some folks in contractor positions won’t get back pay. While there’s no guarantee I will either, I strongly suspect I will. I believe people should come first; politics second.

I just finished my Christmas shopping yesterday. I used my credit card so I could conserve the cash I have just in case I miss a paycheck. I also told my mom her annual Christmas bonus ($$$) 😂 will be a little late this year. I need to hold onto to cash until I know for sure when I am going back to work. I am leaving for Philly on Monday. I am baking and cooking with my mom on Christmas Eve. My sister is having Christmas Brunch and then I am bringing my three nieces (14, 13 and 9) down to my house overnight Wednesday to Thursday. We are going to a movie matinee and dinner. Then they will open their presents at my house and I am taking them to Cereal Town in the Ocean Casino for breakfast on Thursday before driving them home. I am scaling back on all of my other plans to conserve cash since I don’t know how long I’ll be out of work. I am playing everything else by ear. I’ll need to adjust plans according to finances and my energy levels.

ACTION: This week’s action is to put a little love in the world 💙 Say the below Loving Kindness prayer for healing in our world. Do something good for another human being. Send loving kindness to a friend. Do something good for a stranger. Help me turn the tide in the Universe. Let’s help good triumph over evil.

Loving Kindness Prayer
May you be safe
May you be healthy
May you be happy
May you be loved

Love is my vibration

Everything is always working out for my highest good 💙🦋

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A Prayer For Direction

Anais Nin Quote

The career choice that will be laying before me after the holidays is front and center in my mind lately. It may be helpful to talk it out with someone who is objective and not a stakeholder on either end; I will consider that option. But for now I decided to offer it up to God to figure it out in this prayer because I am just not sure what I want or the best path. There are a few options and variables in play. The decision will need to be made in January.

Dear God
As a major career choice
Lays before me
Allow me to
Tune into my inner wisdom
So I can see the signs
Sent to me
By the angels and spirit guides
And intuitively know
The right professional path
For me to walk
I ask
For you to move
The Universe around
So to bring me into
Perfect alignment
With the right opportunity
The right choice
That is in alignment
With my highest good
It doesn’t have to be
What I am doing right now
But it can’t be what
I used to do either
I’ve changed
I’ve grown

I humbly ask
For work that speaks
To my soul
So I know to say yes
Without feeling hesitation
As life changes
Please put me in the right
Position where I will
Be able to do
The most good
Doing work that
Speaks to my soul
And feels rewarding
To my spirit

As I wait
I will trust
That Everything
Is always working
Out for my highest good
I have faith
That I am exactly
Where I am supposed
To be and I will
Surrender control
To the Holy Spirit
Thank you
For Blessing me
Thank you
For strengthening me
Thank you for
The courage to live
Outside of my comfort zone
Thank you intuition
To know my own
Inner wisdom
Thank you for
Guidance provided by
Angels and Spirit Guides
I know
I am supported

Taking a break
While I may end up on a forced vacation after December 21st, I was already planning to take extended leave this year to give myself a real break. I am planning to take off December 21st to January 2nd. It’s the first time I’ve ever taken that long of a vacation from work. I am planning to completely disconnect from work. I’m not checking email or giving anyone my cell number. Nothing I do is urgent or critical. It can wait until 1/2. I am, however, reaching out to folks to advise I’ll be out almost two weeks.

I am planning to go to Philly for a few days. I am bringing my three great nieces to my condo for a couple of days and then I will have about four days to myself. It feels like it’s a good time to take a break and just rest and enjoy life before making a major decision.

Update on my Yoga Intention
In my last post, I wrote about my Intention to get back to yoga practice.

I will practice gentle yoga and take a beginner’s series yoga class…in order to…increase space and flexibility in my body without causing injury…starting in January 2018.

So far this week, I reached out a couple of yoga teachers I like. I found out one of them is starting a new gentle class on Monday and Wednesdays at 6:00pm near my home. I would prefer a 4:30 or 5:00pm class but good to know. We also scheduled an appointment for her to come to my condo and give me a private class in early January (she’s leaving for Italy to see her parents tomorrow until the new year). In the meantime, I found a local beginners class that is Saturdays at 11:00am. I may try it on Saturday to see if I like the class and teacher. I getting a jump start on my 2019 Intention early.

Well, at least one thing has been resolved. The condo association for the building I live in accepted responsiblity for negiglence for the exterior wall around my condo I live in. They will pay for repairs to exterior wall and the dry wall inside of living room and bedroom. However, the work needs to be done during warmer weather. It’s not scheduled until April 2019. In the meantime, they bought a high quality air purifier that gets mold particles for the living area. I already have one in my bedroom. My landlord asked me to stay. I’ve been here for five years and she’s never raised my rent. She will not raise the rent, she will replace the carpet after the dry wall is done and she will put me up in a hotel while the interior walls are taken down. As of right now I am staying but I am also opening myself up to opportunities to BUY. I am not moving just to rent again. My landlord is great and I do not think I will find a better one anywhere else. If she sells it, then I’ll move. So far,she’s not selling. However, if something worth buying comes up to my attention without a lot of effort on my part, I will look into it.

Everything is always working out for my highest good 💙🦋

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